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3 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

3 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

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We all love the holidays, but they can get really hectic for so many reasons!

Making sure every single gift you give is both fun and pesky!

Not only do you have to budget your money, but you have to make sure your loved one’s know their gifts were hand picked. 

For the dog lovers in your life, this is no different.

We’ve done the hard part and made a list of the most thoughtful gifts for dog lovers in all price ranges.

Follow our gift guide to be sure your friend feels loved and appreciated by the gift you get them!

1. For the Thrifty Gift Buyer

Perhaps cash is tight for you right now, or you want to get a gift for your dog lover friend, but they aren’t necessarily someone you’d spend top dollar on.

Here are a few more affordable gifts for the thrifty spender.

A Treat Strategy Toy: Most dogs are very food motivated, and puzzles can make for great enrichment activities.

Combine the two, and you’ve got a pup captivated for as long as it takes them to get to the tasty morsel at the bottom.

Our suggestion is to get one that isn’t too simple, but also not overly complex.

Yak Cheese Chew Toy: If you’ve ever seen a dog given a chew, you know how great they can be.

Dog’s love a good, tasty chew, and so will your friend! However, chews and bones can be tricky.

There are a lot out there that may not actually be good for a pup, whether it be their shape or the quality of the ingredients.

You can’t go wrong with a yummy Yak Cheese Chew.

A Rope Toy: There are so many things you can do with a rope toy: fetch, tug of war, or chewing.

Dog’s love rope toys, and rope toys love dogs so long as their humans supervise the play and make sure no rope pieces get swallowed!

2. For When You Want to Spend a Bit More

If you have a moderate budget, your options open up a bit more!

You could just get one of each of the three toys we mentioned above.

Even better, you could get your dog person friend a surprise that will make both them and their pup happy!

BarkBox, a subscription service that sends monthly boxes full of dog toys, treats, and chews, also allows people to buy a gift certificate for a friend! 

Whether you’ve tried one out yourself or not, you have probably at least heard of and considered trying a box subscription service out out!

By buying your friend a BarkBox gift certificate, you allow them to scratch the itch of seeing what the surprise could be like, without having to empty their own pocket of any coin. 

Your friend and their pup are sure to enjoy the surprise of opening up a new box of goodies!

Click here to spread Christmas cheer with a BarkBox.

3. A Gift For a True Dog Lover

If you have a friend with a rescue dog, and you have the money to spend, there aren’t many other gifts that could make them happier than a Wisdom Panel DNA test for their dog. 

At face value, it is fun to know what breed mix your perfect little rescue dog is.

Of course, most people who rescue love their pooch regardless of their breed.

But it’s still fun to dive into your dog’s ancestry!

Click here to get it on Amazon!

When you take it a bit deeper though, knowing the breed of your dog can not only strengthen your relationship with them, but it can allow you to help them live a healthier life!

Found out your dog is primarily a breed that suffers from hip dysplasia?

You can now take preemptive measures to help them with that.

Learn that your dog is in large part a breed that needs a lot of exercise? You now are more prepared to help your dog live a happier life.

Getting your friend a DNA test will not only give them some fun information, it will enhance their life through giving them the ability to enrich the life of their best friend, their pup!

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