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Abandoned Bottle Babies Cry for Help & Refuse to Leave Each Other’s Side

Abandoned Bottle Babies Cry for Help & Refuse to Leave Each Other’s Side

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Two tiny kittens waited in a field as their mother ferried their siblings back and forth to a new resting place.

They waited and waited, but their mother never came back for them.

When they realized mamma wasn’t coming back, they started crying for help.

 A woman heard their pleas and knew exactly what they needed. 

Keep reading to hear about two mischievous kittens who just wanted a forever family. 

Alone and Afraid.

Two kitten’s eyes were just beginning to open around the seventh day of their lives, but the world they could see looked quite scary.

They were in a field, and they were alone.

Their mama cat had been moving their litter of five kittens one by one.

But, she hadn’t come back for her last two little babies.

“The lady was watching the kittens in the field from her house. She was sure the mama cat would come back,” said Shaynne Gray, an independent rescuer located in Oahu, Hawaii.

It was getting dark and the scared kittens didn’t know what to do other than cry for help.

The woman scooped the tiny kittens up from the field and placed them in a box on her porch.

Surely mama would be back for them, she thought.

A Stroke of Luck

As the morning sun rose the little kittens squinted through their tiny eyes. Their mama had not come back.

The woman then posted to a community rescue group to ask for advice.

Luckily, Shaynne Gray was on the lookout and these kittens happened to be just a hop skip and a jump away! 

She dropped everything to run and pick up these kittens.

Shaynne was going to do everything she could to make sure these kittens got what they needed.

Safe and Sound

Shaynne brought the kittens home and gave them names, Kika and Polū.

Kika and Polū required constant care, day and night.

Shaynne bottle-fed the girls every couple of hours.

She had to stimulate them like their mother would have done to go to the bathroom.

She tirelessly tracked every bowel moment, every ounce gained.

“I didn’t know how grueling neonatal kittens were,” said Shaynne.

But, it was so worth it. Kika and Polū’s eyes were opening more each day.

Their baby blues turned to golden greens.

Soon, the bottle babies weren’t such babies anymore.

Kika and Polū began to romp around – entertaining one another for hours on end.

When it came time to recover from their spay, Shaynne couldn’t slow the girls down! 

Dressed in protective onesies and in separate rooms, Kiki and Polū were finally forced to pause their play sessions and recover.

Soon, they were together again. More excited than ever to get into mischief together.

Exhausted and happy, the girls would cuddle together, settling in for a long catnap.

They were falling more in love with Shaynne – and each other every day.

In turn, Shaynne was falling in love with caring for them.

Then the unimaginable happened.

Silver and Gold

When Kika and Polū entered Shaynne’s home, She had two other resident cats.

They were seniors and queens of the house at 17 and 20 years old.

While Shaynne spent most of her time caring for the new kittens, she still gave her old friends the love they needed.

She would be happy she maintained this balance.

When Kika and Polū were about nine months old, Shaynne’s resident cats both passed just a month apart.

Although saddened, Shaynne knew they had lived long and full lives. Shaynne felt this was a sign.

“It’s kind of fate sometimes. Something goes, something comes in,” shared Shaynne.

It was then that Shaynne decided she would adopt Kika and Polū.

She also wondered how many other sweet neonatal kittens were out there, needing her help.

“That’s when I decided maybe I can step in and start saving some of these babies,” said Shaynne.

Just nine days later, Shaynne would do just that.

A Growing Family

Nani & Miki would be the next neonatal kittens Shaynne saved – and later adopted.

Today, all four rescues live happy lives. Each one sporting their own unique personality.  

“Polū either likes you or she doesn’t,” laughed Shaynne.

To Shaynne’s husband’s chagrin, he was on the ‘do not like’ list.

Then, Shaynne left for five weeks – leaving Polū and her husband to work out their differences.

Five weeks later, Polū went from momma’s girl to daddy’s girl!

Kika is the talker of the family, talking anyone’s ear off that will listen.

“She sits there and meows at you while she’s looking at the birds,” said Shaynne. “It’s like she’s telling stories!”

We bet her favorite story to tell is the story of the brave rescuer who saved her and her sisters.

Happily Ever After

Kiki and Polū were only the beginning of Shaynne’s foster journey.

Two years after rescuing Kiki and Polū, Shaynne continues to take in neonatal kittens in need.

“They were a good way to start out,” Shaynne shared of her experience caring for Kiki and Polū.

Thank you to Shaynne and all the rescuers taking in one of the most fragile animals in need – neonatal kittens.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Saturday 7th of August 2021



Thursday 5th of August 2021

I am so glad that Kiki and Polū found a good home where they can be loved. God bless the couple that took them and will love them for a long time.