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Hi! My name is Josh, and I want to tell you more about why we created Tail Talez. Our mission is to share news about animals in need and the people who rescue them.

I have always been passionate about animal welfare, and a few events in my life really sealed the deal on that end.

When I was a child, I used to help my mom in the garden. One day, I heard a rustling in the bushes nearby and went to investigate. When I pushed the leaves aside, I found a little baby squirrel. As you can imagine, 8 year old me was a perfect mix dumbfounded and ecstatic. 

My mom quickly responded to the ruckus I was causing and immediately made a quick search on the internet to see whether we should leave him there or bring it to safety before any predators found it. 

While I begged my mom to let us keep it, she was adamant that we call up the proper outlets and see what they had to say. This was a huge learning experience for me and from then onward I was obsessed with finding and helping other baby animals who had lost their way.

As I grew up, my own opinions and knowledge on animal rescue matured and changed in stride. My desire to help animals in need, though, has always been strong. We’ve created a strange world for animals to inhabit, and I believe we owe it to them to help them navigate through that world when they need it. 

Tail Talez is my effort to help others help animals and acknowledge the kind souls who do these things well and take animal welfare as seriously as it should be taken.

I hope you enjoy these stories and the words on my website encourage and equip you to make a difference for the animals you encounter in your life!

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