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Pregnant Goat Surprises Farm Sanctuary with Wobbly Little Bundles of Joy

Pregnant Goat Surprises Farm Sanctuary with Wobbly Little Bundles of Joy

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When a family lost their beloved foster donkey, they opened their home to the next animal in need – a pregnant pygmy goat.

They were so excited to welcome this mamma goat in, but were about to be very surprised!

Keep reading to hear about two stinking cute baby goats and the joy they bring to everyone they meet.

A Heartbreaking Loss

Ted Kamprath and his wife at Butterfly Field Farm, a farm animal sanctuary located in Bedford, Virginia, had recently lost someone very special to them.

Frida, their senior foster donkey, had tragically passed away.

Ted and his family shared a special bond with Frida. They loved their foster donkey and were devastated by her loss.

When Ted spoke next with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, they mentioned that they may have bring joy back to Ted and his wife: baby goats!

“Although they’re a donkey rescue, when Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has farmers surrender animals, donkeys aren’t the only animals there. So, they feel it’s their obligation to take any animal that is in need or in jeopardy,” explained Ted.

An unneutered pygmy goat had snuck in with the rest of their goats, which resulted in two pregnancies.

“My wife was kind of in the dumps after we lost our donkey, so she perked up and asked them if we could possibly get the baby goats,” said Ted.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue knew Ted and his wife would provide the mama goat, Heather, and soon-to-be babies, later named Noah and Hope, with the perfect home.

The rescue quickly arranged for Heather to be transferred to the farm where she could safely give birth.

But, it wasn’t fast enough.

A True Surprise

Heather gave birth just days before being transferred to Butterfly Field Farm. She had two beautiful, healthy goats.

The little boy was named Noah and the little girl was named Hope.

Little Hope and Noah arrived at Butterfly Field Farm with their mom, just four days old.

Even at four days old, the goats brought so much joy to Ted and his family.

They would never stop missing Frida, but the little goats sure did make their days brighter.

“My wife and daughters went crazy,” laughed Ted. “It’s impossible to watch baby goats without smiling ear to ear. They’re so stinkin’ cute.”

Soon, word got out about the stinkin’ cute baby goats at Butterfly Field Farm. The farm was receiving more visitors than ever!

“People just love to see little baby goats. I guess little baby anything,” said Ted.

The excitement was far from over. Ted had taken in a second pregnant goat named Jasmine, ready to give birth any day.

Meanwhile, baby Hope and Noah were exploring their new, big world.

Full of Personality

Hope is a girly girl. She is tender and she is sweet.

On most nights she prefers to snuggle up with her brother, her head gently resting on his back.

Noah slows down to let his sweet sister rest, but not much else can stop wild Noah.

“Noah is a typical little boy,” shared Ted. “He usually does everything as fast as possible, then when he has to stop, he usually goes flying!”

Noah, Hope, and Heather all have one thing in common – they all love the company of people, especially Ted. 

With little little tails wagging, Noah and Hope want to follow Ted wherever he goes, their gangly legs working overtime to keep up with him.  

“It seems like they’re all legs,” said Ted. “Big tall legs and a little tiny body!”

Mama Heather is never far from the two, always keeping a watchful eye on her babies.

Perhaps too watchful for her own good.

A Mother’s Love

Heather is sweet, but she will also do anything to protect her babies.

She made this clear the first day she stepped hoof at Butterfly Field Farm.

A miniature horse was a little too close, a little too curious about the baby goats.

“Her first day here she laid right into one of the miniature horses! I guess that’s the protective mother side of her,” shared Ted.

Heather had headbutted a miniature horse – an animal bigger and more powerful than her.

“She has a brave side to her,” said Ted.

The goats are no longer allowed around the miniature horses, and for a good reason.

Little does Heather know, she and her babies are safe at Butterfly Farm Field, and they always will be.

The Perfect Forever Home

All of the goats continue to bring Ted and his family laughs and joy every day.

We wish them many years of joy at Butterfly Field Farm with their ever-growing family!

Thank you to Butterfly Farm Field for taking in Heather, her babies, and soon-to-be mama Jasmine.

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can help Ted continue to care for all the residents, click here.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

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Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

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