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Is BarkBox Worth It? Our Honest Review

Is BarkBox Worth It? Our Honest Review

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Are you someone who’s always looking for their pup’s next favorite toy? Do you love to give your dog a variety of treats during training and daily activities? Is your dog a little picky, and you struggle to find the time to experiment with different toys and treats?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to try out BarkBox. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of BarkBox before, or maybe you haven’t.

Barkbox is an affordable subscription service that sends you a monthly box of toys, treats, and chews curated specifically with your pooch in mind.

There are so many reasons a person might consider trying out BarkBox, but a few stick out among the rest.

1) Plain and Simple, It’s a Good Deal!

Buying toys, treats, chews, and everything else for your four legged friend adds up. It doesn’t take long having a dog in your home to realize that. 

While we all want to spoil our pets and spare no expense, wouldn’t it be nice if you could spoil them while saving some money?

Let’s add it up.

An average bag of quality treats may cost you around $7, a decent toy, depending on size, can average out to around $9. Chews, for just one, it could be  $6. 

Put together, that comes to around $37-$40. 

If you buy a six month subscription to BarkBox, for $26 a month, you will get a package delivered to you that contains:

  • 2 bags of high quality treats
  • 1 yummy chew
  • 2 premium toys (typically with a crinkle, squeaker or both!)

If you buy a twelve month subscription, your monthly cost decreases to a steal: $23.

Even their one month option is a deal at $35.

So, even if you just try out one BarkBox for a month, you could save between $3 and $5. If you buy a year subscription, you could save a whopping $12 monthly on giving your dog the best!

Add up how much the contents of a BarkBox would cost if you build one yourself with the products you typically buy.

If it costs more, you should give BarkBox a try and save some money while you’re at it!

2) No Hassle & Amazing Variety

If you have a picky dog, or a dog that goes through toys like nobody’s business, BarkBox will make your life so much easier. 

Buying different toys and products to see what your dog likes can be taxing. Not only does it put some strain on the wallet, it also requires quite a bit of time on your part!

Every box has a monthly theme as well, even further ensuring that your dog will have a variety of surprised in each box.

With BarkBox, they’ll handpick items for your pup, based on their age, weight, and breed, leaving you more time for play!

On top of that, BarkBox has a 100% Happy Guarantee.

So, if your picky pup doesn’t end up liking something in the box, BarkBox will replace the item at no cost to you. 

No one knows how to treat your dog like the royalty they are like BarkBox.

3) Every Box is a Customized Surprise

As we hinted at earlier, BarkBox cares about your dog as an individual and wants to know how they can tailor their box to them. 

When you subscribe, they will ask your dogs size, breed, age, and name. You don’t have to give all of this information if you don’t want to, but if you do, they will tailor the box for your pup personally!

Additionally, the boxes have a monthly theme, so your dog will always get unique toys and treats every month.

On top of all that, BarkBox will also make sure that your dog doesn’t receive anything they are allergic to, so long as you specify their allergies.

Is your dog a heavy chewer? No problem.

BarkBox has options for super tough toys that will outlast even the strongest of puppy jaws!

You will feel personally considered every month you open your dog’s BarkBox, and they will love the surprises even more than you do.

Click here to get your first BarkBox!

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