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The 3 Best Dental Products to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean and Healthy

The 3 Best Dental Products to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean and Healthy

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Everybody loves a great smile, and who’s pearly whites are more likely to put a smile on your own face than your perfect little pooch?

However, dental Hygiene is one of the most commonly overlooked health needs for pets. 

In fact, almost 80% of dogs will experience some sort of dental disease by the time they reach 3-years-old. 

Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is essential to keeping your dog healthy.

Not to mention, everyone loves doggy kisses, but they’re a bit less endearing when accompanied by stinky breath!

There are a host of products you can purchase online that will help you keep your pup’s teeth clean, but not all of them are created equal.

You’ll want to make sure that whatever you buy has the Veterinary Oral Health Care (VOHC) seal of approval before you check out. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best VOHC approved essentials for doggy oral hygiene.

If you want to keep your dog’s teeth healthy — and their breath from getting stinky — you’ll want to check out these three products.

1) A Good Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Daily brushing is an essential part to keeping your dogs pearly whites… pearly white.

While most pet parents understand you need to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned once a year, not everyone knows they should be brushing daily as well.

The only things you’ll need to get started are a solid toothbrush and a quality toothpaste.

The toothbrushes we recommend come highly rated, with 6 brushes so you will be able to replace them when they get old.

They also have two different bristle sizes so you can make sure you reach every nook and cranny of your pup pal’s pearly whites.

Pair these brushes with a solid enzymatic toothpaste like Virbac’s C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste, and you’re sure to bust their plaque away!

Click here to get it on Amazon!
Click here to get it on Amazon!

2) The Best Dental Dietary Supplement

Not all aspects of dental care have to be as labor intensive as tooth brushing. 

There are a number of different dietary supplements you can easily add to your dog’s food for a daily dose of dental care.

The best of the best, however, is ProDen’s PlaqueOff Powder

It is made from 100% natural sea kelp and is free from additives, sugar, artificial preservatives, and gluten.

Simply add a scoop to their food every day, and viola. 

Your dog’s breath will be fresher, and their teeth will be less likely to build up plaque. 

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3) The Best of Dental Chews

Another easy way to include dental hygiene in your pet’s daily routine is by giving them dental chews. 

Imagine if the chew treats or toys your dog already likes also cleaned they’re teeth; that’s a dental chew!

While your pup may take some time to get used to the toothbrush, they will instantly fall in love with a good dental chew.

The best part is that you probably already have a high value treat mixed into their daily routine, perhaps before bed. 

Swap out that treat with a Greenie, and you will be doing both of you a favor.

Just make sure that you limit the Greenies once a day for your furry friend!

With daily brushing, a dietary supplement and a nightly Greenie, your dogs teeth are about to be the cleanest they’ve ever been!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.