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Lonely Blind Shelter Cat So Happy When Perfect Person Comes Along to Comfort Him

Lonely Blind Shelter Cat So Happy When Perfect Person Comes Along to Comfort Him

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When an adult cat was picked up by a Texas rescue, rescuers were very worried.

Not only was he blind, but he also was suffering from parasites and allergies. 

They knew the road ahead would be tough for him, but they could tell he had a deep desire to thrive.

Keep reading to see the amazing places this cat’s determination took him.

Looking for Love

It didn’t take long for the cat, who was later named Atticus, to recover from his ailments once he was in the safety of the shelter.

However, there was one little problem.

The shelter was having a tough time finding the right family for him.

While the shelter had frequent visitors, none of them wanted an adult blind cat.

Nevertheless, the rescuers were certain the perfect home for Atticus was out there somewhere.

If the right family wasn’t going to come to Atticus, they were going to take Atticus to them!

New Horizons

Atticus was transferred to a partner rescue in Toronto, Canada. 

He had already been so patient and understanding, despite being continually disappointed. 

His original rescuers had high hopes that this change of scenery would bring good things to the sweet boy.

They sent him off with a goodbye kiss and fingers crossed.

Little did they know, their prayers were going to be answered sooner than they could have imagined.

An Online Connection

Before Atticus had even touched down in Toronto, his online profile had already caught the eye of a woman named Cheryl.

“It was a few months after my two cats died of cancer. I found that I was lonely, so I started looking for cats online to pass my time,” Cheryl shared. 

She initially wasn’t planning on adopting a cat anytime soon. 

But, when she saw Atticus’s story, her heart melted.

“There are lots of cats with problems and they get overlooked because of them,” Cheryl said. 

Since she already had experience caring for her sick cats before, she knew that she could meet Atticus’s needs

Once her mind was made up, she wasted no time in applying to adopt him.

Now, she just had to wait to see if her application would be approved.

Adorable First Meeting

Not long after she sent her application in, the rescue reached out asking her to come meet Atticus!

Their first meeting was everything both Atticus and Cheryl had hoped for and more.

“When I met him, I came with my carrier, and he sauntered right over. He was rubbing my leg and was happy to hop in the carrier,” Cheryl recalled. 

It was a match made in heaven, and Cheryl could tell that Atticus knew it. 

That same day, she went home with the loving boy.

Home at Last

Atticus had waited so long to find a forever home, he wasted no time in making himself comfortable once he had found it. 

“When we got inside, he made himself right at home. Within an hour of being here, he was sitting on my lap like he had always been here,” Cheryl shared. 

Cheryl’s only worry was that he’d have trouble getting around at first because of his blindness.

But as it turned out, Atticus could get himself around just fine.

“He’s a ninja. He gets on top of stuff, and he doesn’t knock anything down. You wouldn’t know that he can’t see,” Cheryl shared. 

It was nothing but the good life from here on out for Atticus.

 Cheryl could tell that Atticus was so happy to finally be living the life he had always deserved.

Living The Good Life

It’s been almost three years since Cheryl brought Atticus home. 

In those years, she has welcomed two more special needs cats to keep Atticus company. 

“Since he couldn’t see and I have work during the day, I felt like it’s a little lonely to just hang out and listen to the TV. So, I started to look for siblings for him,” Cheryl shared. 

Fortunately, things have worked out perfectly with the new additions. 

Atticus seems so much happier to have someone around to play with. 

“They get along very well. The three of them cuddle all the time,” Cheryl recalled. 

When Atticus isn’t busy snuggling with his siblings, Cheryl will usually see him climbing his cat tree, zooming around the house, and indulging in a little catnip.

His life has surely improved significantly compared to when he was in Texas, and we have kind-hearted people like Cheryl to thank for that.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Michael Freitas

Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Atticus is a great Boy and I'm so glad that He found a Loving Home and Family. Best Wishes and God Bless