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Blind Dog Suffering From Mystery Injury Finds Help, Now Zooms Around in Special Goggles

Blind Dog Suffering From Mystery Injury Finds Help, Now Zooms Around in Special Goggles

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When Texas residents saw a young dog living as a stray near a playground, they knew they needed to help him out.

He seemed to be in poor shape, walking in a wobbly way almost like he couldn’t see.

They contacted a rescue nearby, hoping to find some help for this sweet boy.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Calling in Backup

When a Texas rescue got a call about a young dog in trouble at a park, they knew they needed to do something.

They had their hands full with the dogs they had already taken in, but they knew they could at least be a temporary place for this pup until they found him another rescue.

When they finally had him in their care, they realized they really were going to have to find another rescue to care for him.

Not only was this dog blind, but it seemed he also had some sort of neurological issue that they could not figure out.

Knowing they would not be able to give him the care he needed because they were already so busy, they started reaching out to other rescues.

Unraveling the Medical Mystery

The rescue eventually got in contact with the Special Needs Animal Rescue League, or SNARL, of Calgary, Alberta. 

“We got a call about a blind dog that was walking a little bit strange, and we immediately said yes,” Christina, one of the co-founders of SNARL, shared with us.

When Sarah, one of the other co-founders, arrived to pick up the dog, she discovered there was even more going on with this dog than they originally anticipated.

Sarah realized that this poor dog had a massive dent in his skull, indicative of a previous skull fracture of some kind.

“Immediately, our whole approach changed,” Christina said. “This dog wasn’t just wobbly and blind, he was a victim of abuse.”

As soon as this pup was in Christina’s care, they took him in to see the vet and get some x-rays.

Road to Recovery

The x-rays confirmed their suspicions. 

The vet revealed to them that, while the fracture itself had healed, this traumatic event explained not only the dent on his head, but also his blindness and peculiar walk.

While his body already had healed as well as it was going to, his soul was still in need of some TLC.

“He initially was very anxious, just a bundle of nerves,” Christina said. “He wouldn’t stop pacing in circles for hours.”

Christina committed herself to healing Campbell’s heart, hoping to eventually show him he was safe now and would never have to worry again.

Slowly but surely, Campbell started to trust the safety and love that Christina was giving him.

“Eventually, we started to see this personality come out,” Christina said. “And he’d start walking up to people with his whole bottom wiggling.”

Campbell had a strong spirit, and he was finally ready to show everyone!

The Happiest Boy

Now that Campbell has fully come out of his shell, he is free to enjoy life to the fullest!

He has taught himself many things, including how to play with toys.

“He will pick up toys in his mouth and carry them around,” Christina said. “He doesn’t know much else to do beyond that yet, but it makes him very happy.”

He loves food too and has learned how to play treat games with Christina.

Running and prancing around outside has also become one of his favorite activities.

“He zooms around every chance he gets,” Christina said. “He wears these little goggles when he runs around to protect his eyes from sticks and such.”

Campbell has come such a long way, but he still has one more step of his journey to go.

Finding the Pawfect Match

Campbell needs a forever family!

Now that he is fully vetted and house and crate trained, he is ready to be adopted!

Campbell would be a great fit for many different kinds of families, even with his special needs.

“We always give our dogs a 1-10 rating for their care needs,” Christina said. “I would rate his needs at a 3, which is pretty low.”

Blind dogs like Campbell do best in homes where breakable things are out of reach and furniture and fixtures stay in consistent locations.

“Campbell really just needs someone who can support that normal dog lifestyle, but can also advocate for him a little more because of his blindness,” Christina said.

Campbell might need a little extra help, but he is 100% worth it!

A True Dream Dog

Campbell takes on life with an infectious optimism.

“Campbell is the type of guy that will welcome in every person that he meets, whether it’s a kid or an adult,” Christina said. “He just loves people.”

Having been through so much, it really is inspiring to see how friendly this dog is.

“He loves to give kisses, he’s a big licker, and he loves to just sit and lean himself into your body till he’s upside down,” Christina said.

Campbell would love the opportunity to give you some snuggles!

Click here to give him a chance.

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