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French Bulldog Born Without Eyes Finds Family to Put her Mind at Ease

French Bulldog Born Without Eyes Finds Family to Put her Mind at Ease

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When a French Bulldog breeder delivered a litter of puppies, they could tell one was unique from the rest.

This puppy was born without eyes and seemed to have a few other abnormal things going on.

The breeder knew the puppy could live a great life despite being different, they just needed to find the right caretakers.

Keep reading to find out where this little girl’s journey took her!

Hello World

After 8 weeks of trying to care for a unique puppy they had delivered, a French Bulldog breeder decided they needed help.

The puppy, named Magnolia, was born without eyes.

As Magnolia grew, the breeder realized that she had some other neurological issues as well.

They had no experience helping a puppy like this, so they reached out to French Bulldog Village to see if they could help Maggie. 

Luckily, the rescue was more than happy to take the sweet girl in!

However, the road ahead was going to be difficult.

A Change of Plans

Maggie was placed into a loving foster home where she was taken care of.

Maggie had many needs, but she was such a sweetheart, her foster mama had no problem meeting them happily.

In fact, Maggie’s foster loved her so much, she wanted to adopt her.

However, when some personal issues arose, the foster sadly was unable to follow through with her original plans.

So, they began searching for an adoptive family for the little Frenchie.

It would be difficult to find the perfect match, but her foster was ready to do whatever it took!

A Match Made in Heaven

After 9 months, the rescue got a call about Maggie from a woman named Orsha Magyar.

Orsha and her husband had recently gotten through the tough part of grieving the loss of their two French bulldogs.

They were ready to add a new member to their family, but decided they wanted to rescue this time!

One day, Orsha was scrolling on Instagram and came across Maggie’s sweet little face.

“I just stopped scrolling and was overcome with this feeling of ‘oh my gosh, I think this is my girl’!” Orsha shared. 

Orsha was set on adopting Maggie, but there was one more hoop to jump through!

Just in Time

Adoption applications for Maggie were already closed!

But, Orsha was convinced that she was the right person for Maggie, and believed the rescue would agree.

So, they let her submit an application anyway.

As it turns out, Orsha was right, and next thing they knew, Orsha and her husband were on a flight from Calgary to North Carolina to pick Mags up!

Slow and Steady

Adjusting to a new environment is difficult for every dog, especially if they are blind. 

Maggie’s neurological issues also put up a significant obstacle.

But, Orsha was determined to help Maggie live her best life, no matter how long it took.

For the first month and a half, Maggie would sometimes get overwhelmed and start spinning.

Sadly, the spinning wouldn’t stop until she was exhausted. 

With the help of a vet, Orsha eventually found a medication that seemed to work for Maggie.

It took a few weeks, however, for the medication to fully resolve the spinning issue.

During that time, Orsha never left Maggie’s side.

If Orsha needed to leave for any reason, she would carry Maggie with her in a babybjörn.

After almost two months, Maggie seemed to have adjusted and the spinning stopped!

Now, Maggie was fully ready to show everyone who she truly was!

Coming Out of Her Shell

Once Maggie passed that initial hump, she started making progress every day!

She started walking around the house and was clearly much more calm and comfortable.

“When we first got her, she was so scared to even walk,” Orsha said. “But after 4 months, she started walking in the city on a busy street!”

Maggie learned new things every day and was loving it.

Now, Maggie has leveled up from walking and will even run around outside!

Happily Ever After

Maggie and Orsha have grown closer and closer every day since they first met.

“She is a very very special dog. She’s confident, brave, and up for anything,” Orsha shared.

They’re loving life and all of the fun activities they get to do together.

“Her favorite thing to do, believe it or not, is to play fetch,” Orsha said. “She also loves to swim!”

Maggie is a true nature girl, and she and Orsha go on hikes whenever they can.

Orsha couldn’t be happier to have Maggie as a part of her family, and the two are sure to make each day better than the last!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Thursday 19th of January 2023

Magnolia is pretty darn cute. I don't know why there was a deadline for applications for her but thanks to a breeder who does not just dispose of dogs who are not "perfect", a great rescue, an excellent and dedicated foster person, and people opening their hearts and home, She will not live her life with love and adventure.