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Thriving Blind Kitten Proves She Can Do Everything a ‘Normal’ Cat Can Do & More

Thriving Blind Kitten Proves She Can Do Everything a ‘Normal’ Cat Can Do & More

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When rescuers found a litter of tiny kittens all alone under the step of a porch, they sprang into action.

The kittens’ eyes were infected and they were stumbling around, struggling to see.

However, the kitten with the worst infection of them all didn’t need her eyes to see that there was hope.

Keep reading to discover this sweet little kitten’s beautiful journey to a wonderful life.

Blind But Not Broken

Friends of Baker Animal Rescue located in Bakers City, Oregon rushed to the rescue when they learned of a litter of kittens struggling to survive.

They were six-weeks-old and had lived the first few weeks of their lives under the step of a porch.

While their little blue eyes should have been open, taking in this brand-new world, they were crusted shut and infected.

The kittens were temporarily blinded by their infections.

With such a rough start to life, the kittens struggled to see that there was beauty in the world, and most importantly – hope.

Hope at Last

But one kitten in particular, Millie, could look past the pain.

She just needed the right person to help her.

Millie had the worst eye infections of all the kittens, but she wasn’t going to let her illness bring her down.

“This little kitty had both eyes infected,” recalled Deanna, a special needs cat caregiver. “They were so, so blown, so distended past their sockets. All I could think was, do I have room for one more?”

Deanna’s heart broke for the kitten as soon she saw the picture of her.

She knew she could make room for one cat in need.

She contacted Friends of Baker Animal Rescue, hoping it wasn’t too late to take Millie in.  

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Deanna learned that all of the kittens would be traveling to Portland for specialized care and adoption.

“Do you have to send that sweet little tabby that has both of the eyes infected, I think I can help her,” Deanna told Friends of Baker Animal Rescue.

Deanna promised to provide Millie with all of the special medical care she needed, plus all of the love that she deserved.

With Deanna’s promise, Millie wasn’t going to Portland. She was coming home with Deanna.

Welcome Home Millie!

For Deanna, meeting Mille was love at first sight.

Millie didn’t need to see Deanna. She could feel her love.

One paw at a time, she began to feel her new home.

“I remember her lying on a blanket,” recalled Deanna. “She sat on that blanket and ran her paw along the edge finding the new carpet.”

Millie had been receiving eye treatments, but her eyes couldn’t be saved.

She could now close her eyes, but she would never clearly see from them.

Millie’s first night in her new home was spent in the bathroom – with the door wide open.

Deanna wondered where she might find the kitten in the morning.

When Deanna woke up, she was stunned to find where Mille ended up.

A Little GPS System

To Deanna’s surprise, Millie was still in the bathroom, right where Deanna had left her!

“We did it again the next day. Then, as it came around to the third day it was as if Millie had turned on her little GPS system,” laughed Deanna.

Millie couldn’t be stopped!

“It was the most incredible thing to watch her travel more and more every day,” Deanna shared.

Every day, Millie didn’t just upgrade her GPS system, she was becoming more bonded with her new family.

Millie still needed her eyes cleaned daily, a task that became a special opportunity for Deanna and Millie to bond.

However, Millie was still getting eye infections.

Deanna wondered if she could even sense light.

“We began to debate whether continuing to do the eye washes was best for her,” explained Deanna.

Deanna and her family thought long and hard about the right thing to do.

Now it was a question of if they should continue they way they were or have Millie’s eyes surgically closed.

A Tough Decision

“We finally made the decision with the help of our veterinarian that it would be best to take Millie and go ahead and close her eyes,” said Deanna.

It was a tough decision, and they wanted to make sure they made the best choice.

Watching Millie, it seemed that she had gotten used to a life without sight.

Without the discomfort of where her eyes once were, Millie was free to be herself.

“It ended up being the best decision we could have made for Millie,” Deanna shared. “She just blossomed into the most beautiful young girl.”

It seemed like Mille felt as if her life was just beginning.

No Eyes? No Problem.

Millie is spectacular bundle of joy.

She is the social butterfly at every gathering and knows every inch of her house, maybe better than her five kitty siblings that have their sight.  

“Miss Millie is right in the middle of gatherings, absolutely soaking it in,” Deanna shared. “She knows all of the voices that come in.”

Millie can recognize Deanna’s children and grandchildren by voice. Most of all, she can recognize the sound of her most favorite toy.

“We can have a whole basket of other toys, but that little crinkle bee she will walk around the house searching for it,” Deanna said. “She will chirp for it, and she will look for it.”

Millie’s life began with a search for hope. Her greatest wish came true!

Now all she needs to worry about searching for is her crinkle bee toy.

Happily Ever After

Millie doesn’t need her eyes to see that she lives the most beautiful life. 

“There’s time that my eyes tear up watching the magic that she experiences,” Deanna shared.

Thanks to Deanna and the kind rescuers of Friends of Baker Animal Rescue, Millie has a lifetime of magical memories to make.

Want to see more of Millie? Click here to follow her and her feline family on Instagram!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Susan Bortolussi

Thursday 8th of July 2021

Thank you for saving all these precious kitties, and for giving Millie a loving home .You are a hero .🙏🙏❤️❤️

Rob Thompson

Thursday 8th of July 2021

THANK YOU for helping Millie!


Tuesday 6th of July 2021

I am so glad that Millie has a home with people to take of her and with with lots of love God bless you all.