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Brave Blind Kitten Travels Over 2,000 Miles to Meet Perfect Forever Family

Brave Blind Kitten Travels Over 2,000 Miles to Meet Perfect Forever Family

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Jenny, a white and brown tabby, had been living in the streets of Protaras, Cyprus for what seemed like a long time before a kind-hearted woman found her. 

The cat was part of a colony that the woman and her fellow rescuers had been feeding. 

But, unlike the other strays in the colony, Jenny was noticeably weaker and in poor health.

It was clear that she needed medical attention right away. 

The group got together to help the poor kitty and move her out of the town. 

Jenny didn’t know it yet, but she was about to be taken along for the adventure of a lifetime!

Troubling News

After some thoughtful planning, the woman and her fellow rescuers managed to trap the tabby and bring her to Nicosia, where they were based. 

They then got her to a vet to get checked up.

There, they learned that Jenny had a severe eye infection.

Unfortunately, the infection was already so bad that it was too late to treat it.

The only thing the vets could do was remove Jenny’s eyes completely.

This news was heartbreaking for Jenny’s rescuers, but they knew it was the best course of action for her to live pain-free and comfortably. 

While she was recovering from surgery, the vets finished up her other treatments and prepped her for finding a forever home.

Jenny was a little scared and confused, but the pain from her eyes was gone and she was beginning to feel safe.

However, her journey was far from over.

Love at First Sight

Meanwhile, a woman in London named Lucy was on the lookout for a new feline friend after having recently lost her senior cat.

Lucy saw Jenny’s picture on the rescue’s website and was dying to know more about this sweet cat. 

“They said that Jenny was blind but she didn’t have any other medical issues,” Lucy recalled. 

She and her husband talked it over, and they both agreed Jenny belonged with them!

“We had so much experience looking after an elderly cat that we thought that we would be able to offer a home to a special needs cat,” she explained. 

Jenny was ready for takeoff!

She flew all the way from Cyprus to Athens and then to Amsterdam. 

From there, Jenny traveled to London by car.

It was a long and exhausting trek.

Jenny had no way of knowing it then, but the forever home that awaited her was well worth the journey.

Feeling Right at Home

When Jenny arrived, Lucy and her family had already set up a spare room for Jenny to relax in. 

Her private room had bowls of food and water along with a tiny bed. 

Of course, they made small adjustments to accommodate her condition. 

“We put a mat in front of the food, so she could tell the difference when she was near her food in the flooring,” Lucy shared. 

They then left Jenny to her own devices for the rest of the night, allowing her to decompress and relax after her tiring journey home. 

The following day, Lucy was surprised to find that Jenny had pretty much settled in! 

“She already mapped the room. She could already get up and down from the bed and use the litter tray and her food and water… she settled in quite well,” she said. 

From there, it only took Jenny about two or three days before she fully integrated with the household. 

She began exploring the rest of the house on her own and befriended the family’s two other cats. 

This left Lucy and her husband pleasantly surprised.

They initially thought it would take weeks for Jenny to get used to her new home. 

“We made an assumption before she arrived that she’d be quiet and timid, and she wouldn’t want to do much,” the fur mom shared. 

But the cheeky little blind cat had proven to them that she was every bit as capable as other cats.. 

Adventure Cat

These days, Jenny still has a strong spirit and shining personality.

Lucy proudly supervises Jenny as she climb trees or chase after birds in the garden. 

Jenny has also developed a love for walks!

She’s well trained to be walked on a leash and looks forward to quality time with her family.

“We’ve never taken any of our able-bodied cats outside, not for walks. But we got a harness for her. I took her out for her first walk and she loved it,” Lucy recalled. 

Jenny is one stylish kitty cat!

She’s often dressed to impress with a trendy bandana or collar.

It’s clear that Jenny doesn’t let her blindness slow her down one bit.

Instead, she’s proven that blind cats can enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

This sweet girl makes the best of each day, never turning down an adventure!

We hope Jenny’s strength and determination inspire others to consider adopting special needs cats.

Be sure to follow Jenny on Instagram to keep up with all her tree climbing adventures!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Johnny Awesome

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Jenny is such a beautiful and adventurous kitty. I’m so happy when people adopt blind cats, and especially when they give them a full and stimulant rich life. I have two blind cats, and they are playful and happy, and also love to go for walks outside :-)


Friday 19th of November 2021

I'd rescue Jenny in a heartbeat. I've dedicated my life to rescuing senior, special needs cats from shelters to give them the best life possible for the time they have left before they cross the Rainbow Bridge. THANK YOU for rescuing Jenny!