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Dumped Bulldog Found Roaming Streets, Writes Book About His Rescue Journey

Dumped Bulldog Found Roaming Streets, Writes Book About His Rescue Journey

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When good samaritans saw a lost bulldog walking on the street, they immediately took action.

The dog was in very poor health, and they knew he needed help as soon as possible.

They called a shelter, who came to pick him up as quickly as they could.

Keep reading to find out what happened to this good boy next!

In Rough Shape

When Front Street Animal Shelter got a call about a sick bulldog walking the streets, they knew they had to do something. 

They rushed to the scene to pick this sweet boy up.

When they found him, they realized just how bad his situation was.

His paws and eyes were inflamed, he had ear infections, and he had severe hyperkeratosis on his poor little nose.

It wasn’t going to be easy, but the shelter was determined to get this bully boy back into tip top shape.

Full of Love

While they made plans to treat his ailments, they also set off to find him a foster as soon as possible.

The same day the dog was picked up, Andrea Haverland and her Partner, Marc, stepped up to foster him.

They named the dog Piggie, and transferred him into Andrea’s care.

Typically, when dogs are very sick, they are lethargic, and maybe even scared or defensive.

But, Piggie was different!

“His personality was immediately loving,” Andrea said. “All he wanted to do was give love and receive love.”

Andrea was about to find out just how much love Piggie had to give.

A Sad Past

It was truly amazing to Andrea how much Piggie loved humans, despite his former treatment. 

Because of Piggies condition, the shelter suspects he formerly belonged to a breeder with bad practices.

The poor condition of his paws suggested he spent most of his time standing on the grate of a cage.

He also was unneutered and did not have a microchip.

Sadly, many dogs find themselves in a similar situation, where a breeder only sees them as a means to an end rather than a living being worthy of love and respect. 

Piggie was fortunate enough to have found people that wanted to give him the life he deserved. 

Andrea was determined to make up for the lost time and show Piggie the same love he showed everyone else.

Road to Recovery

In Andrea’s care, Piggie slowly started to recover.

The shelter supplied Andrea with all the medications Piggie would need to treat his various ailments.

They also paid for a surgery Piggie needed to help him breathe more easily.

Andrea and her partner took off work while Piggie recovered to make sure he’d never have to be alone.

Throughout his recovery process, Piggie never failed to love on Andrea, giving her snuggles and kisses daily.

It wouldn’t be long before Piggie would be back to health and ready to be adopted!

Foster Failure

After a few months, Piggie had fully recovered.

It was time to look for Piggie’s forever family, and Andrea got to work writing his adoption bio.

“I wrote his adoption profile, and something felt off,” Andrea said. “I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then it all made sense.”

Andrea and Marc had fallen in love with Piggie, and didn’t want to let him go!

They had so many reasons to hold on to Piggie, but there was one important thing they needed to consider.

Because of Piggies former treatment and his breed, he would likely have other expensive health complications in the future.

But, Andrea knew he was more than worth it!

They decided they would set up a savings account specifically for any healthcare needs Piggie would have in the future, and handle things as they happened.

Then, they signed the papers and made it official!

One Happy Family

Since officially adopting Piggie, Andrea has definitely dipped into the money they saved for Piggie, but it has been a small price to pay.

Every day with Piggie, even the hard ones, has been a joy!

“He owns the house and he owns our hearts,” Andrea said. “We’d do anything for him.”

He loves to go on walks and outings with his family, especially because that means he gets to meet new people.

Piggie makes everyone he meets feel special, like they’re his favorite person.

“After whatever was done to him in the past, and whatever he’s feeling, to still be so loving, it’s the most inspiring thing,” Andrea said.

He also loves to eat.

Anything that Andrea puts in her mouth, whether it’s a snack or her toothbrush, Piggie wants a taste.

The Main Character

Piggie does so much to make others feel special, Andrea wants to return that energy to him as often as she can.

Andrea makes Piggie feel special in so many ways every day, but she wanted to do something extra special too.

“I always wanted to tell the story of his life,” Andrea said. “And I had a thought that it would be fun to write a children’s book about Piggie.”

So, Andrea wrote Piggie’s story, found an illustrator, and published a children’s book all about Piggie!

“This book is just a start to finish celebration of our entire journey with him, and everything that we’ve gone through.”

Click here to get your very own copy of Piggie Finds a Family!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Saturday 18th of February 2023

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