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‘Cheeky’ Cat Charms Her Way Into Woman’s Home & Never Leaves

‘Cheeky’ Cat Charms Her Way Into Woman’s Home & Never Leaves

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For Allison Holder, getting a pet had been something of a lifelong dream.

For most of her adult life, she’d lived in apartments with strict ‘no pet’ policies.

Even after she became an adult and moved out, long hours at her job similarly prevented her from ever getting a furry friend.

Then a global pandemic hit.

“COVID happened and quarantine happened and within two weeks I was unemployed and quarantined by myself, completely by myself,” Allison said.

Determined not to let this get her down, Allison began trying her best to find ways she could use this newfound time.

Third Times the Charm

“It was just me in my apartment and I didn’t know what to do with myself, and so I started looking up pets to foster or adopt,” Allison said.

Allison was aware that she wasn’t the only one going through difficulties because of the pandemic.

“I knew a lot of people were surrendering their animals because they were having financial issues,” Allison shared.

Though she lived in Boone, NC at the time, she ended up making an appointment at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville.

The first cat she looked at wanted nothing to do with her. The second cat was aggressive.

But the third cat was just right— and that’s how Allison met Cheeky.

The Perfect Pair

At first, Allison was almost in disbelief at how much this cat seemed to want to play with her.

“She was meowing and meowing and meowing, and purring and sticking her arms through the bars and just really wanting to play with me and be held. So I took her out of the cage and as soon as I picked her up, she just put one paw on each side of my neck and was hugging me and nestled into my neck and was purring and being so sweet,” Allison recalled. 

It was at that moment that she decided to adopt Cheeky.

“Immediately I was like ‘Okay, this is my angel, this is the one I need to take home.’”

Even after she brought Cheeky home, the seven-month-old remained as friendly as ever.

There was no skittishness, no insecurity, and no hiding.

Instead, Cheeky simply followed Allison around the apartment and demanded hugs and playtime.

“She was very cuddly and it seemed like she was just happy to finally have a home,” Allison said.

Allison couldn’t have been happier about her decision.

In fact, it wasn’t her decision at all. Cheeky had made the decision for her!

Building a Future

The shelter didn’t know much about Cheeky, only that she was a pregnant stray when they first got her.

The good Samaritan that humanely trapped and brought her in couldn’t tell workers anything, either. But that didn’t faze Allison or Cheeky.

They’ve since moved to Charlotte, NC and Allison thankfully found a new job.

Despite the lifestyle changes, Cheeky remains as happy and energetic as ever.

She continues to follow Allison around from room to room, loves playing with catnip and crinkle toys, and constantly begs for cuddles.

Allison loves Cheeky so much that she revealed another adoption is in the near future. Soon, their small family will have one more member to love.

“I’ve never identified as a cat person my whole life. But I’m a 100% a cat person now, I don’t think I’ll ever not have a cat after having her. She’s just the best cat I ever could have gotten and I’m really glad we found each other and we’re getting through the pandemic together.”

We think it’s safe to say another cat lover has joined the club for life!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

leta rosetree

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Compassionate, sorely needed resource.

Lynetta Womack

Monday 8th of March 2021

Cats have a way of finding their very own human sometimes. I have 3 orange tabbys that I raised on a bottle after their mom got killed, out of the 3, one chose me as his human mom. He sleeps next to me, he sits in my lap, he purrs so loud you can hear him all across the room and he looks at me with worship in his eyes. Needless to say I AM his human mom!!!