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Stray Dog Gains Weight From Mystery Illness, Personal Trainer Helps Her Get Her Tail Wagging Again

Stray Dog Gains Weight From Mystery Illness, Personal Trainer Helps Her Get Her Tail Wagging Again

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When animal control dropped off a stray dog at a Maricopa County animal shelter, staff members were completely shocked.

The dog was so overweight, they weren’t even sure she’d be able to make it to her kennel by herself.

The staff members knew she needed to get back down to a healthy weight, but they didn’t have the resources to help her.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Perfect Match

The dog, now named Margo, weighed 120 pounds. 

While there’s nothing wrong with being a little chunky, you should always listen to your vet if they tell you your pups weight may affect their health.

Margo was double what is considered healthy and safe for a dog her breed.

Poor Margo was in a very serious pickle, and she would need specialized help to get out of it.

As if by fate, a volunteer named Kellie Roman saw Margo not long after she entered the shelter.

“When I saw her, I was shocked,” Kellie said. “But, I’m a personal trainer. I just knew that I had to help her. I knew I could.”

Kellie had the know-how, but she was going to need more support if she was really going to be able to help Margo.

Calling In Backup

Kellie immediately enlisted the help of One Love Arizona, a rescue group she also volunteers with.

“I asked them if they had seen Margo, and they had,” Kellie said. “I asked if they would help me if I brought Margo in as a foster, and they were all for it.”

With One Love’s support, Kellie knew she had everything she’d need to get Margo back to feeling healthier and happier!

Before Margo knew it, she was in a car on her way to the next stage of her adventure!

Their first step in Margo’s weight loss journey was getting her tested to see if there was more than meets the eye to her condition.

More Than Meets the Eye

Margo’s test results revealed that she had hypothyroidism, a hormonal condition that disrupts your metabolism.

“People with hypothyroidism don’t process calories very well,” Kellie said. “Which causes a lack of energy, which leads to weight gain.”

Having a diagnosis, while upsetting, was actually optimistic because now they knew what was causing Margo’s weight gain!

Kellie got Margo on a prescription as soon as possible, and started figuring out how to get her activity without tiring her out too much.

“At first, she couldn’t even get up on the couch,” Kellie said. “She was also very shy.”

Margo’s new foster siblings also wanted to help!

Kellie hoped that as Margo lost weight, she’d gain more energy and strength, which would lead to her feeling more confident!

Hard Work Pays Off

After a few months of dedicated exercise and consistent medication, Margo has lost a full 46 pounds!

“The medication along with her exercise and diet gave her more energy and helped her start to lose weight,” Kellie said.

Not only has she lost so much weight, but she also has gained more stamina and has started enjoying her walks more.

One day during Margo’s journey, Kellie noticed something very special.

“She never wagged her tail in the beginning,” Kellie said. “It was so sad. But then, as she started feeling better, that tail started wagging more and more.”

Margo’s tail has not stopped wagging, and now she can walk for miles!

Finding Forever

Margo still has about 10 pounds to lose to get to her goal weight, and she’s right on track!

Once she is at a point where the vet is confident she is healthy, Margo will go up for adoption.

Kellie wants to get Margo stabilized before that though. 

In the not so distant future, Kellie hopes to find a family for Margo that understands her condition and is willing to put in the work to make sure she stays healthy.

With such a cute face and persevering spirit, there’s no doubt that Margo will charm the hearts of the right family!

Click here to follow Margo’s fitness journey!

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