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Cute Rescue Dog Makes Big Move from the Country to be a City Boy

Cute Rescue Dog Makes Big Move from the Country to be a City Boy

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When a precious basset hound, cattle dog mix found himself displaced from his home, he felt lonely and afraid.

However, he wouldn’t be alone for long!

Keep reading to find out how this sweet boy made his way to the big city.

Lost and Found

Shelter workers didn’t know much about Simon, a basset hound, cattle dog mix, when they picked him up as a stray.

He wasn’t chipped, but he clearly had lived inside of a home before.

He was very well mannered indoors, and loved every human he came in contact with. 

The staff knew he’d make a great addition to the right home, so they sent him on his way to one of their partner rescues, Hearts and Bones in Dallas, Texas.

Simon didn’t know it yet, but fate had wonderful things in store for him from here.

Love at First Sight

Hearts and Bones immediately started posting pictures of Simon’s cute little face once they got him.

While they were arranging to have him transported to their adoptions base in NYC, Simon caught the eye of a special someone.

Sophie, an NYC based foster for Hearts and Bones, was ready for a new foster dog at the time when she saw Simon’s picture. 

“I saw a single picture of Simon and quite literally fell in love,” Sophie said. 

She had loved fostering so far, but was starting to want a permanent canine companion in her home.

She thought Simon just might be the one.

However, there was one small obstacle she’d need to overcome!

Making it Happen

Sophie was worried she’d miss the opportunity to be Simon’s foster because she was going to be out of town when he arrived in NYC.

However, she brainstormed a solution to her problem.

“I had a friend of mine get certified as a foster with the rescue so she could take Simon for me until I got back into town,” Sophie said.

Sophie was pretty certain Simon would become more than just a foster, but she wanted to give both her and the sweet pup a chance to make sure things were a good fit.

She couldn’t wait for her trip to be over so she could go home and meet Simon.

A Perfect Fit

Once she had Simon in her home, it didn’t take long for Sophie to make her decision.

“I just could not believe he was real,” Sophie said. “I know it sounds corny, but we just clicked right away.”

“I picked him up on Monday, and by Tuesday night I had the adoption papers filled out and sent in,” Sophie said. 

Sophie knew what she was looking for, and Simon was it.

Now in his forever home, Simon was excited to start living his best life.

Settling into City Life

Simon settled in almost instantly.

While he was a country gentleman at heart, he was ready to start his new life as a city boy.

“He’s a real go with the flow dog,” Sophie said. “He goes on the subway, we go to every park, he walks around the city with no issues.”

Simon was just happy to be there, excited to take in the wonders of The Big Apple.

It seemed that he knew he had finally arrived at his forever home.

Happily Ever After

Every day gets better and better for Simon, and Sophie has loved getting to know him more over the months.

“He is really goofy,” Sophie shared. “We say he’s a combination of a toddler and an old man.”

When he gets to go outside, Simon is non-stop play.

He runs and runs and loves playing with his canine friends.

“Inside, he’s a total couch potato,” Sophie said. “He really knows how to relax.”

Sophie has also started fostering again, only now she has Simon to help welcome in the new pups.

The two make a great team, and they couldn’t be more thankful for each other.

Click here to follow Simon on Instagram and see more of his life in the city!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Rob M Thompson

Monday 6th of June 2022

Enjoy your new life, Simon!

Angela Destefanis

Sunday 5th of June 2022

Aww, so glad you rescued Simon, and you found each other.