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Curly Haired Baby Kitten Saved in Nick of Time – Captures Hearts With Tiny Squeaks

Curly Haired Baby Kitten Saved in Nick of Time – Captures Hearts With Tiny Squeaks

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On a fateful day, a tiny but mighty newborn kitten was found at a warehouse with his brother.

The kittens were just days old with their umbilical cords still attached and no mama cat in sight.

Keep reading to hear how one kitten sought out the joy in life, despite his tough beginning.

As If By Fate

It seemed like an impossible miracle when two newborn kittens happened to be found in a warehouse in Oahu, Hawaii.

The tiny kittens were hardly two days old, so young that their umbilical cords were still attached. But, there was no mama cat around.

The kittens, later named Kaimi and Kaipo, or “seeker” and “sweetheart”, had been left to fend for themselves and needed help.

When Shaynne Gray, an independent rescuer, heard the news, she jumped into action.

A Tragic Loss

Shaynne got to them in time and both kittens were still alive, but one of them seemed to be having a problem.

“I started to notice the umbilical cord site was a little bit raised on one of the cats which to me was alarming,” recalled Shaynne.

She rushed the two tiny kittens to the vet, hopeful that they would be okay. Unfortunately, it was too late for little Kaipo.

Both kittens had umbilical cord infections. Kaipo’s infection had progressed more than Kaimi’s infection had.

Being the runt of the two, Kaipo’s little body couldn’t fight off the infection.

Shaynne felt the heaviness of the loss of her first foster ever.

But, Shaynne had to be strong for Kaimi – he needed Shaynne now more than ever. 

Give It Your All

Shaynne put everything she had into helping Kaimi recover.

“Kaimi’s umbilical cord area got better, but then he developed a super, super bad upper respiratory infection,” said Shaynne. “He could hardly eat.”

After two rounds of medicine, Kaimi’s breathing and wheezing improved, but still hadn’t completely returned to normal.

“Now we’re thinking he might be, unfortunately, an asthmatic kitten,” said Shaynne.

It seemed as though Kaimi couldn’t catch a break. But, this little kitten wouldn’t let his illnesses get him down.

“When he gets excited or you feed him, he reverse sneezes,” said Shaynne.

Kaimi still loves to run, jump, pounce, and play!

Most of all, he loves playing with one of Shaynne’s resident cats, who seems to have taken the mama role in Kaimi’s life.

“He’s not much of a meower, but he does purr,” said Shaynne.

Kaimi’s good spirits, despite his rough start, aren’t the only thing that makes him extra special.


With creamy white curly hair, Kaimi was catching everyone’s eye. 

“In the beginning, a bunch of people wanted him – just because he was different,” Shayne shared. “But, that’s not the reason I would adopt out, just because he looks different”

Sadly, a kitten with a list of medical concerns might be too much for some adopters to take on.

“The more that people started finding out about all of his medical issues, the more they started backing out,” explained Shaynne.

Kaimi is more than a list of medical concerns, and Shaynne was determined to find the perfect home for him.


It wouldn’t be easy, but Shaynne knew that she could find the perfect life for Kaimi.

“He’s just a fighter. His brother was too, we just didn’t get to the medicine soon enough,” said Shaynne.

Kaimi is always searching for the good things in life, named after the Hawaiian word for “seeker.”

“When I would put him down after bottle feeding him, he would instantly start making his little biscuits in the blanket and sticking his little noise all around,” explained Shaynne. “He was always squirming all around like he was searching.”

Both Kaimi and Shaynne were going to do their best to seek out the perfect home for him. 

But, it seems fate had different plans.

Foster Failure

Shaynne eventually had to recognize reality. Kaimi wasn’t going anywhere.

In the back of her mind, she knew that her heart couldn’t bear to trust Kaimi with anyone else.

While plenty of people exist who can take care of cats with multiple medical concerns, Shaynne just knew in her heart that Kaimi would live his best life with her, his original foster mamma.

There have been good days and bad days for Kaimi since, but one thing is certain: Shaynne is the only person he’d choose to weather the bad days with.

We’re so thankful for people like Shaynne who take in kittens in need and stick with them through thick and thin, and we know little Kaipo is looking down on his brother, happy he’s safe and loved!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Thursday 29th of July 2021

I have bad stuff under my home. I had to send my dog to my son.


Thursday 29th of July 2021

Such sweet cats.


Wednesday 28th of July 2021

Kittens are so pretty. Thank you for all the care.

Barbara Siegrist

Wednesday 28th of July 2021

love the happy stories you post daily, i am so used to seeing the bad things that happen to animals. but you give us a happy ending. thank you

jacqueline hanshaw

Saturday 31st of July 2021

Good morning I just found these stories and they are great thanks


Wednesday 28th of July 2021

That means a lot to us! Thank you!