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Deaf Senior Dog Rescued Off Streets, Struggles to Find Adopter Because He’s Too Easy Going

Deaf Senior Dog Rescued Off Streets, Struggles to Find Adopter Because He’s Too Easy Going

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One day, a small senior dog was taken in by a California shelter.

He was all alone out on the streets until this shelter took him in.

He seemed like such a sweet boy, but the volunteers were worried he might not find a home because of his age.

Keep reading to find out what happened to this handsome senior dog!

Phoning a Friend

The senior dog, now named Fred, was a delight to have at the shelter.

He was polite, kept to himself, but always appreciated a little attention.

One staff member, Wendy, knew he could be a perfect fit for so many families.

But because he was 13 years old, his chances of getting noticed at the shelter were slim.

Then they realized he was deaf, which decreased his odds even further.

People often shy away from dogs if they realize they are older or have special needs, even though these dogs often make great family members!

This didn’t seem fair to Wendy at all, so she called up her friend, Toni Vanston, to see if she could help.

New Horizons

Toni Vanston runs her own rescue, which she founded herself, called DaisyLu Ranch.

DaisyLu Ranch takes in senior dogs, especially hospice dogs, and gives them a comfortable and loving home to live out their golden years.

Wendy was sure that Toni would be able to find Fred a great forever home, and give him a wonderful place to live in the meantime.

Toni jumped at the opportunity to help Fred out.

They finalized the details and sent Fred on his way.

He didn’t know it yet, but he was about to take the trip of a lifetime!

Well Adjusted

No one knows much about Fred’s life before he was rescued.

But, from the scar on his nose, it’s clear it must have been tough.

Because of this, it seemed like Fred really knew he had hit the jackpot when he showed up at DaisyLu Ranch.

“He was so easy, right from the get go,” Toni said. “He just kind of blended in pretty quickly, got along with all the other dogs and the cat.”

Fred had seen a lot in his years of experience, enough to know when he had made it to a great place with great friends.

Most dogs have a tough time adjusting to change, even if they go to a great place.

But not Fred!

He is a well adjusted boy, able to handle changes in life with a cool and calm demeanor that befits his age.

While some dogs stay with Toni forever, she could tell that Fred was one that would not only adjust to, but thrive in, a forever home with a new family.

She just needed to find him one!

Looking for Love

As the weeks turned into months, Fred proved to be just as relaxed as he was when he first came to Toni.

“He likes to get a little bit of attention, but not needy at all,” Toni shared.

Fred took everything slow except meal time.

He loved to eat and get treats, no matter where or when, but he always was grateful and polite.

“He’s very quiet,” Toni said. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard him bark.

His lack of hearing also never seemed to bother him.

He was such an easy going dude, it amazed Toni that in the 10 months he had been with her, no one wanted to adopt him.

Happily Ever After

Fred eventually got his shot.

Someone had noticed him and saw what a good boy he was and knew he’d be the perfect addition to their family.

Now, he’s living it up in his forever home!

He gets all the treats and food he wants and is well loved.

Fred toughed it out on the streets for so long, he is more than deserving of the loving home he has now to spend his golden years!

Click here to follow DaisyLu Ranch on Instagram and see all of Toni’s other sweet senior dogs!

Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.