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Angry Dog on Diet Chews Up Home – Owner Turns Wreckage Into Art Gallery

Angry Dog on Diet Chews Up Home – Owner Turns Wreckage Into Art Gallery

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Meet the queen herself, Fat Carol Louise.

Louise, after her owner’s grandmother. Carol, because it’s funny to give an animal a human name. And Fat, inspired by Pitch Perfect’s Fat Amy.

Carol gets winded when walking more than 100 feet. And she likes to eat green beans because, well, she eats them so quickly she doesn’t even realize what she’s eating.

Carol, an English bulldog, was rescued by Stephanie when she was spotted on Facebook Marketplace.

Overcome with worry that Carol would be sold for breeding, Stephanie had to rescue her. 

And it was by pure luck Carol and Stephanie had found each other just in time – Carol had pneumonia that required immediate care.

Carol, or Fat Carol Louise, is now living her best life with the best human. In fact, Carol has budded into an aspiring artist.

And her number one fan is her human mother, Stephanie.

Thicker than a Snicker

Carol was thrown into a world of despair following her last vet visit.

Following multiple face lifts, eyelid lifts, and hair removal, she should have known that this was coming.

The vet had ordered that she lose a whopping 24 pounds.

“When we were at the vet last, we were told that she had gained 10 pounds during COVID quarantine, much like the rest of us,” said Stephanie.

Carol would be restricted to a life of eating food actually made for dogs.

For the Love of Chicken Minis

Fat Carol Louise has a few favorite foods. Near the top of the list, like all good pups, is the Starbucks Puppuccino.

But her most favorite meal is the Chick-fil-A chicken minis.

“The really sad thing is,” as told by Stephanie, “the last time we went to the vet I had promised her a Chick-fil-A run after she was finished. And that was when we were told that we needed to possibly stop the Chick-fil-A runs.”

No longer able to eat her feelings, Carol had no other option than to pour her feelings into her artwork.

A Budding Artist

Full of feelings and not able to chow down on a chicken mini, Carol began with performance art.

She skillfully ate an outdoor rug and dug up the French drain.

Although attention grabbing, it didn’t seem to capture her audience as much as she had hoped.

So, she tried installation art. The art of transforming a space itself.

For this, she used a very special feature of hers – her underbite on wooden window sills.

Not only did this capture her audience’s attention, but her artwork was celebrated.

Instead of trying to fix the ‘art’ Carol was creating, Stephanie decided to display the art like you would find in a gallery.

Stephanie created labels and titled the masterpieces, including I Told You Not To Leave Me Alone and I See A Ball I Want.

The label also states Carol’s preferred medium, “Wood and Underbite”. 

“I’ve decided to embrace Carol Louise’s artistic expression and turn her work into a gallery. She clearly has a talent that cannot be suppressed,” said Stephanie.

Eventually, Carol had decorated every windowsill in the house.

So, she expanded her gallery outdoors.


The Wrinkliest Ray of Sunshine

Although Stephanie and Carol have since moved to a new home, Carol continues to express herself through her artwork.

“If anyone would like to commission her to do a custom piece for your home please feel free to PM me,” said Stephanie.

Carol has since worked up to walks of 127 steps!

She is looking forward to her next cheat day when she plans to enjoy a chicken mini with her biggest fan and loving mom, Stephanie.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.