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Cute Fluffy Cat Passed From Home to Home, Finally Finds the Place Where He Belongs

Cute Fluffy Cat Passed From Home to Home, Finally Finds the Place Where He Belongs

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When a cute white and gray cat was surrendered to a Tennessee shelter, staff were stumped as to why anyone could let go of such a perfect boy.

He was in relatively good health, but he definitely had a few extra pounds on him.

They hoped he’d quickly find a great home because he was so handsome and kind.

However, things didn’t go exactly as they planned.

Keep reading to find out what happened!

A Rough Start

The cat, now named Higgins, went on a special diet so he could get back down to a healthy weight.

It didn’t take long for Higgins to start losing weight, and he loved his new special food.

During this time, a family took notice of him and decided to adopt him!

However, they quickly had to return poor Higgins because one of their children turned out to have a severe cat allergy.

The poor boy was so disappointed, but he wasn’t going to give up hope!

There was a light at the end of the tunnel– he just had to keep moving.

Silver Lining

After being surrendered for a second time, Higgins was taken in by Madeline Fitzpatrick, a foster for Fluff Nashville

Madeline was so excited to give the sweet boy a temporary home, and Higgins made sure to show his appreciation.

“He was really really sweet,” Madeline said. “He immediately started brushing up against my legs and purring.”

It broke Madeline’s heart to know a cat as sweet as Higgins had already been surrendered twice.

But, she had high hopes for the precious boy and knew that his luck had to change soon.

A Family in Need

After just a few short weeks, Madeline got a call from a woman asking about Higgins!

The woman, named Melissa, had a daughter who had wanted a pet for the longest time, but now she needed a feline friend more than ever.

“Melissa’s  daughter had recently lost her grandfather who she was really close with,” Madeline said. “So, the mom wanted her to have some comfort and a bright spot.” 

Madeline knew that Higgins would bring all of the light Melissa and her daughter needed.

It seemed that Melissa agreed!

Finally Forever

Melissa’s family knew that Higgins was the right cat for them before he even got to their home.

“They actually bought him a cat tower before he even got to the house,” Melissa said. “But, they didn’t realize how big he was so it’s too small for him.”

Higgins was so happy to receive such a warm welcome after having endured so much.

They also decided to keep the name Higgins because a character from their grandfather’s favorite TV show shared the same name.

Not only was Higgins able to comfort the family, he also served as a sweet reminder of their loved one.

Things were only going to get better from there!

Happily Ever After

Melissa and her family are so grateful that Higgin’s is officially part of their family.

“He just came in and was right there with us,” Melissa said. “He has been a godsend. Everywhere my daughter has gone, he’s been right there with her.”

In his forever home, Higgins enjoys eating snacks (in moderation of course), looking at himself in the mirror, and snuggling with his favorite special blanket.

“The volleyball team at school is also in love with him, so he has sort of become the new mascot for the team,” Melissa shared.

When he’s not busy being the center of attention, Higgins likes to play in his ball pit or talk with his dog sibling, Willow.

It was a long time coming, but Higgins has finally found the perfect place where he is loved and appreciated, just as he’d deserved all along.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Monday 3rd of October 2022

So happy it worked out. He is beautiful