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Cute Cross-Eyed Barn Kitten Blossoms into Beautiful Chonk Who Makes Everyone Smile

Cute Cross-Eyed Barn Kitten Blossoms into Beautiful Chonk Who Makes Everyone Smile

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When a family’s male cat started putting on a bit of weight, they thought maybe they should just change his diet up a little bit.

However, they were surprised one morning to discover the reason for the changes: a little of kittens!

Their cat was actually female, and had gotten pregnant!

They were not at all prepared to house, let alone raise, that many kittens, so they started to brainstorm what to do.

Keep reading to find out where two of these cute little kittens ended up!


The Cutest Surprise

The family was so surprised to find a litter of kittens, they were initially at a loss for what to do.

Realizing their community may be able to help, the family reached out to their friends to see who would want to adopt some of the kittens. 

That was when a woman named Janine and her family came into the picture.


Grieving the Loss of a Dear Friend

Around the time that the litter of kittens was born, Janine and her family had just lost their dog. 

 When the kittens owners reached out to Janine, she realized maybe she had found someone to fill the emptiness left behind by their beloved pup.

“I really wanted a cat.” Janine shared. “I had never had a cat before, but I just thought the kittens were so cute.”


Unfortunately, her parents didn’t seem on board with the idea of adopting one. 

“They said they weren’t going to get a cat,” Janine recalled. 

However, Janine was about to find out that her parents’ words were not what they seemed.

A Happy Surprise

Although Janine’s parents told her that they wouldn’t get a kitten, in reality, they actually wanted one, too.

Janine’s dad went on a secret mission to go see the cats, planning on taking one home.


He picked a little female kitten, later named Gizmo, that thought Janine would get along with.

He was planning on heading home when he suddenly made an important realization.

Two is Better Than One

Janine’s father looked at Gizmo and realized she was going to miss her siblings!

He was only planning on adopting one kitten, but couldn’t deny Gizmo the joy of growing up with a sibling.

So, he picked another one who was eventually named Fritz.


“Fritz got added in sort of as a bonus kitten.” Janine said. “She was kind of an accidental adoption in a way, but it worked out really well to have two kittens.”

When her dad was finally happy with his selection, he went home and gave Janine the kittens as a surprise. 

“My brother randomly texted me to come home, and it ended up as a big surprise for me,” Janine recalled. 

Janine was overjoyed when she came home to two new kittens!


She was ready to shower them with love and affection, but knew they’d need a little time to warm up to their new home.

Warming Up to the New Family

When Fritz and Gizmo first came home, it took some time for them to adjust to Janine and her family. 

“They were really timid to start out with,” Janine recalled. 


But, as the two kittens gained some confidence, they came out of their shell in no time. 

Fritz blossomed into a real extrovert and mama’s girl.

She would lay on Janine’s arms and purr like a little baby. 


“She grew into her personality really quickly.” Janine said. “She and her sister really became super friendly and super cuddly.”

On top of that, Fritz became a real foodie.

“Her favorite is those little cat gogurt things.” Janine said. “If she sees me pull them out, she’ll go crazy.”

Needless to say, Fritz stays well fed in Janine’s home.


Clearing Up the Rumors

We’re not the only ones who fell in love with Fritz’s adorable appearance.

Fritz has become an internet sensation for her unique expressions!

As this story is being written, Fritz has over 30,000 followers.

Janine has addressed some of the questions surrounding Fritz’s cross eyed gaze by assuring her audience that Fritz is perfectly healthy.

“Her appearance is genetic,” said Janine. “Her biological brother is also cross-eyed.”

Janine also stated that Fritz is not sick, nor does she have a disability.


“She is not blind, but she doesn’t have the best eyesight,” said Janine.

Appearances aside, Fritz is very well taken care of and loved in her forever home.

Still as Enthusiastic as Before

It has been six years of joy and companionship since Fritz and her sister Gizmo joined Janine’s family. 

Since Janine started working from home, Fritz has made it her daily routine to stick by her mom’s side as she types away on her computer. 


“Her typical day is sitting next to me or on my lap while I work,” Janine shared. 

If Fritz isn’t helping her mom with work, she will often be seen sleeping or watching the birds from the window sill.

Fritz is living the good life, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Janine is so happy that her father decided to go home with two kittens instead of one on that day six years ago.

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