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Frostbitten Stray Cat Climbs Through Doggy Door of Strangers House Begging for Help

Frostbitten Stray Cat Climbs Through Doggy Door of Strangers House Begging for Help

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An unexpected guest made his way into a home in rural Arkansas in the winter of 2021.

He had followed two dogs through their doggie door, right into their house.  

The unexpected guest was a stray cat. He was sick, cold, and asking for help.

To make matters worse, he was suffering from a terrible injury that threatened his life…

Keep reading to find out how a chance encounter saved this sweet cat from suffering a horrible fate.

A Shocking Discovery

It was late at night after a long day in January 2021 when Sarah Richardson, a rescuer for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, stumbled across a picture on Facebook that left her speechless.

The post was from a woman who claimed that a stray cat had followed two dogs through their doggie door in a rural town of Arkansas.

The picture she posted showed a cat with a severe injury – his nose appeared to be separated from his face.

The owner of the home the cat had entered didn’t know what to do. However, it was clear the cat was desperately seeking help.

Sarah knew she had to do something.

“We have a rule: we never turn away cats with severe injuries. We take in the worst of the worst,” said Sarah.

The decision was clear. Sarah hopped in her car and drove two hours to bring the cat, later named Gambit, into the safety of her home.

Rushing to the Rescue

Gambit looked even worse in person than he did in his picture. Sarah knew there was no time to waste.

Gambit had been living with his nose injury long enough for it to become badly infected.

He had also been living outside during a harsh winter storm and suffered from frostbite.

Sarah rushed Gambit to the vet where he was provided the medical care he desperately needed.

However, it was unclear what would happen to his nose injury.

“Nobody, including the vet, knew if his nose was even attached to his face,” recalled Sarah. 

All they could do is wait with fingers crossed while Gambit’s infection and frostbite were treated.

Helping Hands

It would be a long road to recovery, but Gambit somehow knew he was in good hands.

Gambit started his extensive medical treatment with fluids, antibiotics, steroids, and parasite treatment.

Even though Gambit was in pain, he was grateful for Sarah’s help and accepted all of his medicine without any fuss. 

“He would just tilt his head back to take the medicine,” said Sarah. “He is sweet as can be.”

Two weeks after his rescue date, Sarah could see the tip of Gambit’s nose! 

Almost a month later, his entire nose had healed! Aside from a few facial hairs missing here and there, it looked as if nothing had ever happened.

Sarah was thrilled. Gambit was right on track to live life as a healthy, happy cat just like he’d deserved all along.

Gambit’s Mystery

The vet estimated that Gambit was roughly three years old.

No one knows exactly how Gambit ended up with his injury, but Sarah suspects he had crawled under a car hood seeking warmth during the winter storm and been injured by the engine when the car was turned on.

It was a miracle he made it out alive and lived with his injuries for as long as he did.

“Gambit has been sweet from day one,” said Sarah. “He just wanted all of the love from day one…He loves everything. He loves all the toys. He loves his scratching post. He loves to sleep with you.” 

Gambit wears his collars and bowties proudly, as if he knows how lucky he is to have walked into the right house looking for help.

He thanks his kind heroes with cuddles and gentle kisses.

“He’s like your dream lap cat. If you want a cat that’s in your face, that is Gambit. Gambit’s just all around your dream cat.” said Sarah. 

Happily Ever After

Gambit has officially found a forever home that loves and cares for him the way he’s always deserved.

“He’s great with everyone,” said Sarah. “He’s not a stranger when it comes to being friendly.” 

Sarah is so happy she happened to see the Facebook post that led her to save Gambit’s life. Thanks to her, he will never have to worry about being cold or injured ever again.

Now Gambit can focus on living his best life in the comfort of a loving home!

Sarah Richardson is one of the few rescuers in Arkansas that rescues elderly and adult cats with life threatening injuries.

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Kim Groom

Saturday 24th of July 2021

I am so glad that Gambit is healed and in a safe home where he can be taken care of and never half to worry about being hurt again. There are a lot people out there that really cares for animals. Not just cats, but dogs and other animals. God bless the people that really care about these animals.

Rochelle Brody

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

What a great website