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Heartbroken Cat Grieves Owner’s Death, Looks Pretty in Bows Hoping for New Family

Heartbroken Cat Grieves Owner’s Death, Looks Pretty in Bows Hoping for New Family

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After her owner passed away, a sweet tuxedo cat was uprooted from the life she knew and loved.

Grieving the loss of her owner, she became depressed and lost her appetite.

Keep reading to hear how one cat found her hunger for life again with the help of a very special foster family.

Grieving a Loss

At five years old, Allie, a sweet tuxedo cat, found herself surrendered at the shelter after a series of traumatic events.

Allie’s owner had tragically passed away. She was then taken to live with her previous owner’s granddaughter who had four cats of her own.

Unfortunately, Allie didn’t get along with the other cats. She was miserable.

The granddaughter had no choice but to surrender Allie to the Pixie Project in Portland, Oregon.  

There, she was surrounded by even more cats which left Allie even more anxious on top of grieving her owner’s loss.

“Allie was apparently a lovely lap cat, but the granddaughter had four cats of her own and Allie showed her displeasure – and she was doing at the shelter too. The shelter had to slightly sedate her just to keep her calm,” said Janelle, volunteer foster for the Pixie Project.

She needed a foster home that could take care of her special needs.

Foster Bound

Allie left the shelter and went to a loving foster home, devoid of any other cats.

She was clearly in need of love. She limped out of her carrier, anxious and suffering from an injured leg.

“Allie was so sad when she arrived. She just looked rough, was limping, and had the grumpiest meow. She never did lose her grumpy meow,” said Janelle.

But Allie’s limp wouldn’t be the most concerning issue.

Mending a Broken Heart

Janelle soon realized the severity of Allie’s depression when she refused to eat or drink.

“I would line up a buffet of the best treats I could find. Chewy ones, crunchy ones, liquid ones. It didn’t matter. Allie would sniff them and turn away,” recalled Janelle.

Janelle was becoming increasingly worried about Allie.

She began syringe feeding her water and administering IV fluids to help keep her hydrated.

“Allie was so sweet. She would let me wrap her up like a little burrito and syringe water into her mouth,” said Janelle.

Allie was presented with all of the most tempting foods – even baby food. However, nothing seemed to spark interest.

“It was day four, and my last day of trying to get her to eat or drink without an IV. I cracked open a tempting can of tuna and hoped for the best,” said Janelle.

To Janelle’s relief, Allie went for it!

A Glimmer of Hope

Once Allie began to eat and drink, it was all uphill from there.

Janelle felt a glimmer of hope as Allie began to look better. Her eyes were brighter, and her fur was healthier.

“Allie had made such a huge transformation from a rough and tumble kitty to a gorgeous, sweet girl,” said Janelle.

With a heart full of love, Allie was the perfect lap cat. She craved the companionship of her foster parents.

She slept on top of Janelle or her partner each night. She simply couldn’t get enough cuddles!

Allie also loved to wear bowties, sitting pretty and proud when one was put on.

Allie was finally gaining the confidence to feel like the princess she was.

“She also seemed to discover her love for catnip. She was obsessed with anything catnip.”, recalled Janelle.

Allie felt better both physically and emotionally. Soon, it was time for her to find her forever home.

Happily Ever After

“It’s never easy to say goodbye to a foster. We’ve had a few that have been really close to foster fails, and Allie was one of them,” said Janelle.

Luckily, Allie found the perfect family who would give her the love and attention she needed.

She was adopted by a wonderful couple with no other cats. They took note of Allie’s favorite treat and made sure to have them stocked for her when she’d arrive home.

They even had a bowtie picked out and waiting for her!

Today, Allie goes by Weetzie Cat, named after a character in her human’s favorite book.

Her humans only have one complaint.

“In an adoption update, they let me know that their one “complaint” is that it’s hard to get anything else done when they can just cuddle her and watch her be cute,” said Janelle.

Weetzie Cat’s charm and lovable demeanor was hard to resist. After all, she was a princess!

We’re so glad Weetzie Cat and her humans found each other.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Rob Thompson

Sunday 5th of December 2021

P:EASE! DO NOT GIVE YOUR CATS CANNED TUNA or liquid. The sodium content will destroy your cat's kidneys. Losing your beloved pet to kidney failure is not something you want to witness. STOP the TUNA!

Cooky Silverman

Monday 31st of May 2021

I have two rescued cats and a rescue dog and they give us a lot of love. Rescues are the best!