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Dogs Left Helpless & Hungry After Homeless Owner Dies – Now Grateful for Full Bellies

Dogs Left Helpless & Hungry After Homeless Owner Dies – Now Grateful for Full Bellies

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This incredible story begins with a homeless man and his two dogs, living off scraps and struggling to survive. 

When the homeless man tragically passed away, the two dogs were left helpless and hungry, left to fend for themselves.

As fortune would have it, a woman just so happened to deliver the hope this pair desperately needed. 

Read on to find out how two frightened, homeless pups started a life-changing journey with the help of some kind-hearted heroes.

Hungry & Homeless

Erica, a local rescuer in Puerto Rico, would feed over 100 cats and 25 dogs living on the streets every day at 5:00 PM, despite the pain she experienced from muscular sclerosis.  

She would often see a homeless man with his 2 dogs as she made her rounds, and offer him canned food to feed them.

But the homeless man was alone and desperate, sometimes keeping a bit of the dog’s food for himself, no matter what they ate. 

The man and his dogs lived like this for years, living off scraps and struggling to survive.

“It broke my heart to see someone living like that and to see 2 dogs having to live like that. And this went on for many years,” Giselle Colón, founder of OBRA, said.

Tragedy Strikes

Tragically, the homeless man passed away, leaving the two dogs helpless and alone without the only person they could rely on.

Erica realized what had happened when she found the 2 dogs alone while making her usual feeding stops.

She immediately called Giselle from OBRA and asked for help.

“I think this is one of the hardest cases I’ve worked on,” Giselle said.

Despite the difficulties ahead, she was determined to help these two frightened pups find a safe place to call home after their tragic loss.

A Special bond

OBRA, an organization founded in 2010 with the mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for dogs living on the street, didn’t hesitate to help. 

But the rehabilitation and adoption process would be very tricky.

The dogs, Pedrito and Miguel, were a bonded pair.

They never left each other’s side.

Pedrito was especially attached to Miguel. He was Miguel’s Shadow.

Wherever Miguel went, Pedrito would follow.

The two had been through so much together– they needed each other.

The Journey Begins

“My only condition,” Giselle said, “was that they couldn’t be separated. Miguel and Pedrito must be adopted together.”

Lauren Richard, adoption director at Conway Area Humane Society, was a friend of Giselle’s and agreed to take in the dogs despite knowing it would be a difficult adoption case.

Miguel and Pedrito were transported to Conway Area Humane Society where they were boarded together.

The two were inseparable throughout their entire journey, leaning on one another for comfort and support.

Finding one stray dog a loving home was challenging enough.

How would they find someone to adopt them both?

Hope at Last

Miguel and Pedrito spent 8 months at Conway Area Humane Society waiting for a family to adopt them.

While the wait was definitely long, it gave them the time they needed to go through a big transition.

At first, they arrived at the shelter as nervous, timid dogs.

They were unsure of what to make of their new surroundings after having lived a life on their streets.

“Many people would be worried about dogs that have spent 8 months in a shelter and say ‘that’s no life for a dog,’ but they loved the shelter,” Giselle said. “The shelter was paradise for them compared to the life they had.”

Little by little, Miguel and Pedrito came out of their shell and their personalities started to shine through.

They were well on their way to being healthy, happy pups!

At the shelter they could enjoy long walks and make new dog friends.

For the first time in their lives, they could finally rest easy knowing they’d never go to sleep hungry.

This was their chance to let their guard down and simply enjoy being dogs!

As Miguel and Pedrito grew more confident with themselves, they became more independent.

“Believe it or not, after only a month, Lauren and I realized that they no longer needed to be adopted together,” Giselle said.

This independence would make it much easier for each of them to be adopted and start a new chapter.

These sweet boys were finally ready to meet their new fur-ever families. 

Happily Ever After

“The shelter and I were willing to wait however long was needed to get them adopted,” said Giselle.

Everyone’s care and dedication paid off– Miguel and Pedrito were adopted by wonderful families!

Despite his initial attachment to Miguel, Pedrito was actually adopted first.

He happily left with his new family in New Hampshire and made himself right at home.

“He was so ready to be loved!” Giselle said.

But, Pedrito wasn’t the only one with happy news— Miguel was adopted only a month later to a wonderful family in Maine. 

After having lived a harsh life on the streets, both Miguel and Pedrito live a life of luxury with families who shower them with love and attention.

With full bellies and a warm place, safe place call home, these two have a lifetime of beautiful memories ahead of them.

Miguel and Pedrito are now thriving thanks to the hard work and kindness of OBRA and the Conway Area Humane Society. 

“It might take a week to rehabilitate a dog, or a month. It might take $1000 or $10,000,” Giselle urged, “but it’s always worth it.”

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