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Woman Takes in Neglected Hospice Dog – Shows Her True Unconditional Love for First Time

Woman Takes in Neglected Hospice Dog – Shows Her True Unconditional Love for First Time

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An elderly dog spent almost her entire life being used for breeding – until one day, her owner surrendered her to a local shelter.

While she may have been carelessly cast away by her previous human, there was a new person waiting to give her the love she had always deserved.

Keep reading to hear about one pup that didn’t let a terrible diagnosis spoil the best moments of her life.

Cruelly Cast Away

Daisy was nine years old, a senior dog that had lived a very difficult life.

She had been used for breeding and her human was known to be irresponsible in their practices.

But, her life was about to change.

After giving birth to her very last litter of puppies, Daisy’s human surrendered her to the local shelter. 

They had gotten what they wanted from her and cruelly cast her away as if that was all she was worth.

While her previous home wasn’t great, moving to a shelter was still scary for her.

Despite Daisy’s difficult past and old age, she still had a twinkle in her eye. A twinkle that one woman couldn’t refuse.

A Match Made in Heaven

Elizabeth Williams of Raleigh, North Carolina loved Daisy from the first time she saw her. 

“I had been looking at Daisy on the shelter website for a long time,” said Elizabeth. “I knew I wanted a senior dog and I knew she didn’t have a very good chance of being adopted because she had already been there for so long.”

It takes a special person to adopt a senior dog, and Elizabeth was certain she was up for the challenge.

Ready to live out the best years of her life, Daisy was sent home with Elizabeth.

The shelter assured Elizabeth that Daisy was in good health and great around other animals.

But, Daisy didn’t want to share her last years with any other animals.

She loved Elizabeth so much already and she wanted Elizabeth’s and any other human’s attention all to herself.

Elizabeth didn’t care. She was infatuated with Daisy.

She was happy to make Daisy the center of her world – and that’s exactly what she did.

Best Friends

Daisy and Elizabeth were inseparable.

Elizabeth would go to the coffee shop. Daisy would be right there with her, sharing the bench like two old friends.

Elizabeth would go to the park. Daisy would be by her side rolling around in the grass, soaking up the sunshine.

“She just wanted us to be together,” shared Elizabeth. “It was really nice to have a companion that really wanted to be my companion.”

Elizabeth and Daisy would throw on their most stunning shades, ready for the day’s adventures.

It didn’t matter what the adventure was, as long as Daisy and Elizabeth were together.

Elizabeth knew that adopting a senior dog came with limited time.

But, she could have never prepared herself for what would happen next.

Breaking the News

Daisy loved food, especially a cold doggie ice cream on a hot, sunny day.

So, the day Daisy stopped eating, Elizabeth knew something was very wrong. Worried and needing answers, Daisy and Elizabeth went to the vet.

“I got her in February and in April is when I found out she was sick,” said Elizabeth.

Daisy had a mass in her mammary glands – a doggie version of breast cancer most common in overbred female dogs. Elizabeth was crushed.

The cancer had progressed to other parts of Daisy’s body.

“You can take care of her for a couple of months or you can fight this and she can live for anywhere from a year to a year and a half,” the vet explained to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looked at Daisy – she still had that same twinkle in her eye.

“And I was like ok let’s fight this,” said Elizabeth.

Together, Daisy and Elizabeth were going to fight the cancer.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure how much time Daisy had left, but she was certain she would make that time the best it could be for Daisy.

Making the Best of It

Elizabeth wanted nothing more than to make the time she and Daisy had left together the best of times. 

“She was just spoiled. She got to go on a walk when she wanted to. She didn’t have to if she didn’t want to.

She got to eat whatever she wanted, do whatever she wanted,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth seemed to know exactly what Daisy wanted and needed.

Some days, the pair would spend all day snuggling.

Other days would be filled with adventure. Many days, the two could be spotted at the local art museum.

Followed by more doggie ice cream in the park.

“It was a good nine months of me and Daisy just hanging out,” said Elizabeth. “I just wanted her to be happy. And I think that she was.”

Despite her diagnosis, Daisy seemed to always be smiling.

Saying Goodbye

As long as Daisy remained in good spirits, Elizabeth knew she was doing the right thing for Daisy.

Daisy underwent rounds of chemo, only slowing down on the days of the treatment. 

“I wanted her to be alive. I wasn’t going to put her through anything that she couldn’t handle but she could handle it, and the vet agreed with me that she could handle it,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Daisy had a special bond. They seemed to have a secret language that only they could understand. 

Daisy would be able to tell Elizabeth when she was too tired to keep fighting, and Elizabeth would listen to her. 

After nine amazing months together, that day came.

Elizabeth was heartbroken, but she was also so thankful for every day she and Daisy had spent together.

“She was a senior dog and a senior dog with a crazy history. But, we were still able to make each other really happy and that’s all I could ever ask for.”

Daisy took her trip over the rainbow bridge happier than she ever thought she could be, thanks to Elizabeth and lots of doggie ice cream. 

All dogs, senior dogs included, deserve to have all of their days filled with joy and happiness.

However, that doesn’t always happen.

We’re thankful for people like Elizabeth who do their best to right the wrongs of others and give animals the lives they deserve.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

David Barnard

Saturday 28th of August 2021

Daisy and Elizabeth, thank you. It must have broken your heart to lose her but what a lovely time she had with you, and how brave you were in taking Daisy despite the pain that would come when she passed. But let us not forget the despicable person(s) who run her into the ground and the foolish people who continue, despite all the information available, to buy puppies from such breeders. My only regret reading this story is Daisy wasn't rescued sooner so that the pair of you could have had a longer life together. It makes me want to take on senior animals but sadly I am retired living in what amounts to one room with my cat, herself a rescue from China who was found in a puddle outside Changzhou rail station when I was working in China - she was barely a month old and at first couldn't use her back legs but she manages now and is 8 years old - Let's hope others are inspired to do as you have done. Bless you, and Daisy be at rest and pain free now.

Kate Kenner

Friday 27th of August 2021

Such a bittersweet story. What a horrible life Daisy had until she met Elizabeth and how wonderful it was afterward. Better to have had 9 months of happiness than none and to die feeling loved. I have adopted older dogs and one lived for 5 months . Still I was grateful to have had that. I just adopted a small dog who is deaf and toothless and will be 15 in Jan. Unlike Daisy he had a good life before but like Daisy ended up in a shelter because his person could not be there all the time and the shelter called a rescuer they know. Very different lives but in the end they were both two old dogs who needed homes. Daisy is a beautiful girl and while I could thank Elizabeth for taking her home it was in the end what both needed and with the love they both got.