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3 Expert Tricks to Keep Your Cat Out of The Christmas Tree

3 Expert Tricks to Keep Your Cat Out of The Christmas Tree

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The battle of “cat versus Christmas tree” has a long history.

You can’t blame your cat for wanting to tamper with the tree.

After all, their instincts make them love climbing trees!

Many cat owners have given up on Christmas trees all-together because of this dilemma.

However, that’s not the only option!

There are steps you can take to ensure you can enjoy your Christmas tree without your cat destroying it.

Keep reading to learn 3 special tips and tricks for conquering the cat-Christmas tree crisis!

Be Realistic, Patient, & Consistent

The most important thing to remember is that each cat is unique and behaves differently.

What works for one cat may not work for another.

You need to experiment with a variety of the methods discussed below and stay consistent.

You may find that one of these tricks works for your cat and you can stop there.

Alternatively, you may find that you need to implement multiple methods to make your tree extra secure.

Just remember to be realistic, patient, and be consistent!

Create a Foil Tree Skirt

Cats hate foil. Don’t ask me why– they just do.

Covering your tree skirt with foil is the cheapest and easiest method try first.

Something about the way foil feels/sounds when cats step on it is unpleasant.

Many cat owners have also found this method successful when training their cat not to jump on kitchen counters.

Watch full video on TikTok (@brattattack2)

Cover your tree skirt with foil and see how your cat reacts when they step on it.

Many cats will learn that the tree is associated with something unpleasant after stepping on the foil a few times.

Don’t worry about the aesthetic of the foil for the time being.

Once your cat has found the tree less appealing, you can put your regular tree skirt over the foil.

Just make sure you still keep some foil under the skirt in case your cat has a brave moment and decides to explore the tree again!

At that point, you can remove the tree skirt and expose the foil underneath to reinforce the tree-foil association.

Create a Barrier With The “Tree Defender”

The Tree Defender is a product that could be helpful in conjunction with the foil method or if the foil method failed completely.

The Tree Defender creates a barrier at the base of the Christmas tree to prevent your cat from climbing it.

Based on the reviews, many cat owners have had great success with the Tree Defender.

Others with more persistent and clever cats have found that it works, but doesn’t solve the problem entirely.

For example, some reviews share experiences of their cats managing to climb on top of the product and into the tree when placed on the lowest branch.

They solved the problem by placing the product higher on the tree, but this still exposed the lower branches.

However, people who experienced this problem were still satisfied with the product because it still protected most of their tree.

The lesson here is to have realistic expectations based on your cat and how much of your tree you’re okay with leaving unprotected.

The good news is that you can return your Tree Defender and receive a full refund if you’re dissatisfied!

Click here to get the Tree Defender on Amazon.

Catscram Cat Repellant

The Catscram Electronic Cat Repellant uses a “high-pitched electronic sound” to repel cats from getting near a designated area.

The device is motion censored, meaning it will not emit noise unless someone or something gets close to it.

It can be plugged into the wall or use batteries to work without wires.

The best way to use this product is to place it somewhere near the tree where your cat would trigger the motion censor.

Once the sound is triggered, your cat will avoid getting anywhere near it.

It’s important to avoid placing the device anywhere you or your your cat must walk by regularly.

When placed flat on the ground, anything that comes within 6 feet straight across from it will trigger the sound.

I personally use the Catscram and have a couple things I’d like people to consider before purchasing it.

The product states the high pitched sound can’t be heard by people and dogs, but I can hear it (and my hearing isn’t perfect).

The sound doesn’t bother me and I don’t notice it unless I’m trying to.

Besides, it’s done such a great job that the cats very rarely trigger it to make a noise.

Second, I can say from personal experience and from reading other reviews that the Catscram doesn’t work for all cats.

I’ve tested the Catscram on 3 of my cats.

It was very effective against two of my cats, but the third cat seemed completely unbothered.

However, the unbothered cat was much less tempted to get near “no no” areas when seeing how the other two cats reacted.

I personally love this product and have found it very useful for getting my cats to avoid the Christmas tree, cabinets, and front door.

After a few months, I was able to unplug the Catscram because the cats never got near the “off-limits” areas anymore.

Now I only use it around Christmas to protect the tree.

It’s effectiveness all depends on your cat! In my opinion, it’s definitely worth trying.

You can always return the Catscram if it doesn’t work for you.

The price of the product will be fully refunded, but seller requires you to pay shipping for the returned item.

Click here to get the Catscram on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Don’t be so quick to give up on the idea of having a Christmas tree.

These methods are definitely worth trying if you’re willing to be patient while your cat learns to avoid the Christmas tree.

Remember that punishing your cat is never the answer.

Most animal behaviorists will agree that spray bottles are not an effective way to train your cat.

Spray bottles tend to make cats develop a negative association with their owner instead of the tree.

A spray bottle may teach your cat not to tamper with the tree in your presence, but it’s fair game when you’re not around.

Instead, try these three methods to consistently discourage your cat from climbing the Christmas tree.

  1. Line your tree base with foil
  2. Create a barrier around the base of your tree with the “Tree Defender”
  3. Use the “Catscram” device to prevent your cat from getting near the tree

Do you have any helpful advice for keeping cats out of the Christmas tree?

Share your tips and tricks with us in a comment below!

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