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Special Kitten Almost Euthanized for Unique Looking Face – She’s Beautiful, Not Broken

Special Kitten Almost Euthanized for Unique Looking Face – She’s Beautiful, Not Broken

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When an 8-month-old kitten wasn’t perfect-looking enough for one family, the family asked a vet to euthanize her.

Fortunately, the vet, shocked at such a request, refused.

The kitten would be surrendered to a shelter, but could she ever find a family that would love her for who she is?

Keep reading to follow one kitten’s search for a family that could appreciate her beauty, inside and out.  

The Unthinkable

When a veterinary clinic in Idaho was presented with a perfectly healthy 8-month-old kitten, they were horrified to find out what the kitten’s family was requesting.  

Although healthy, the little kitten wasn’t any ordinary-looking kitten.

She had a gorgeous tortie coat, with a little black nose and one sparkling green eye, her other eye socket empty.

She had a permanent kind of grin from a twisted jaw, exposing one little snaggletooth.

She was born this way; she didn’t know she was any different than any other little kitten.

“Her name was nothing more than ‘Grunty Runty’ and they just wanted her euthanized,” as told by Deanna, a special needs cat caretaker.

Her birth defects had no impact on her quality of life.

She was a happy, healthy kitten. But, all her family could see were her features that didn’t develop like everyone else’s. 

While many would see this kitten as unique and worthy of love because of this, the kittens original family was not quite so accepting.

“The veterinarian said, ‘no, we don’t euthanize for convenience,’” shared Deanna. 

The kitten may not have been beautiful to her family, but Silver Cloud Special Cat Sanctuary located in Walla Walla, Washington knew she was a life worth saving.

The family agreed to surrender the kitten to the sanctuary.

She had the chance to show the world how gorgeous she was, if only her perfect family would see her.

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Love at First Sight

The first time Deanna saw the one-eyed kitten with a twisted jaw and snaggletooth, she was left speechless.

“Silver Cloud Special Cat Sanctuary posted a video of the kitten and I thought my heart may explode,” explained Deanna.

Deanna could only mutter the words, “can we please,” to her husband. In which he responded, “absolutely.”

A week had passed since falling in love with the kitten in the video and the day finally came for Deanna and her husband to bring her home.  

“I knew looking at her that her name would be Gretta. Gretta the Gremlin because she just looks like a little gremlin,” said Deanna.

Deanna and her husband immediately loved everything about Gretta, down to the way her little tongue poked out behind her snaggletooth when she yawned.

“What I see when I look at Gretta is absolute perfection,” shared Deanna.

Gretta was coming home, and Deanna couldn’t wait to see Gretta’s personality shine beyond her physical features.

Beautiful, Inside and Out

Just as Deanna had suspected, Gretta’s personality was as beautiful as she is physically.

“She’s the picture of sweet,” explained Deanna. “She asks for nothing; she has no demands. She is just sweet.”

But, Gretta did have one concern with her new life.

“The only adjustment issue that Gretta had was just knowing that we weren’t going to reject her. That we weren’t going to send her away. That this was her home and it was going to be her home forever,” Deanna shared.

Gretta had arrived with a broken heart, confused as to why her original family didn’t want her.

“I remind her every single day that she is loved, she is wanted, and she never has to worry,” shared Deanna.

Little did Gretta know, she would never be alone again.

Full of Personality

Gretta enjoys quiet time by herself lounging by the window or getting cozy in the guest bed, but she is never really alone.

She is in a bustling house with five other cats, a few of which are special needs.

Out of all of the cats, she is the only one that snuggles up to Deanna each and every night.

It’s Gretta’s special time with Deanna, her way of saying ‘thank you for loving me for being me.’

Although she no longer goes by the name Grunty Runty, Gretta won’t ever grow out of her grunt – and that is more than okay with Deanna.

“Yes, Gretta does grunt because her sinuses are not nice and straight,” Deanna shared. “So, she is a little snuffly sometimes, but I think her little snuffle is pretty dang cute!”

Gretta see’s the world perfectly, even though she only has one working eye.

She enjoys soft food that she can properly chew, and all of the other things her brothers and sisters love too.

For the first time in her life, Gretta the Gremlin is loved and celebrated for exactly who she is – inside and out.

Happily Ever After

Sometimes beauty doesn’t look exactly like we expect. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes – with a cute little snaggletooth and a grunt.

Deanna sees perfection in Gretta, and so do we!

Thank you, Deanna, the kind vet, and all of the rescuers that knew Gretta was a life worth saving.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Monday 8th of May 2023

She's absolutely beautiful I would have taken her in the heartbeat.

Karen jacobs

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Can I ask this of everyone/anyone....what is perfect? Perhaps when something " is born and it is different, maybe it is not different, but is perfect....after all, beauty is in the beholders eye. No matter how we come, to be born on this earth, we should be loved and accepted for who we are, not because we arrived looking different. This law goes for human and animal. It would have been an awful day for Gretta had that veterinarian done the requested euthanization, but lucky for Gretta he refused. No body coming in with such a request will be honored. Live, run, play, sleep, eat and watch birdies from your window perch all-day, for we are soooo, happy you found your forever home❤️❤️ beautiful Gretta

Cynthia Jean Elizabeth Deigert

Sunday 19th of June 2022

All of my cats have been Ferrell kittens or rescues with disabilities down to blindness, and I loved them all even my 3yr old dsh honeybun the color of a honey bun with green eyes and at 14 weeks old already had gingivitis of his gums. That did not hold that kitten back he's how 3yr and a certified PTSD cat and alerts me when my sugers go to high being a diabetic.

Lisa p

Sunday 12th of June 2022

Makes me wonder what these people would do if they did not have children that weren't "perfect". So happy this beautiful kitty is so loved!

Sandra Murphree

Friday 10th of June 2022

I've always loved Calico cats, she's adorable and I'm thankful she has a forever loving home. Go Gretta!