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Kitten and Mom So Grateful to be Rescued After Dumped by Building in Duct-Taped Box

Kitten and Mom So Grateful to be Rescued After Dumped by Building in Duct-Taped Box

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When a duct-taped box labeled “mama and her babies” showed up at an Arkansas animal rescue, people were horrified by what to expect…

The rescuers hoped for the best as they reached to open the box, but knew the unboxing may reveal a sorry sight.

Read on to find out how a tragic start ended like a dream for a mamma cat and her only son.

The Truth Revealed

On a blazing summer day, a duct taped box appeard at the front door of Jen’s Kitty Rehab in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

The staff’s hearts sank when they saw the note on it read “mama and her babies”.

The box was shallow with just enough room for maybe two cats.

With high temperatures reaching their peak, rescuers hoped the box had not been out there long.

Jen Grayston, founder of Jen’s Kitty Rehab, had to strategically open the box to protect any nervous cats that might jump out or try to run away.

Unsure of what she’d find, Jen carefully opened box with fingers crossed.

The truth was revealed.

Jen was met by the eyes of a mama cat and her one kitten, abandoned and alone. 

The mama cat and her baby were clearly nervous, but luckily they remained calm and rescuers worked to get them out of the box securely.

However, this was only the beginning.

Since the cats were abandoned on the doorstep, Jen and her team had no idea what to expect.

“When cats are dumped on us, we have absolutely no idea of their history from the person who surrendered them,” Jen said. 

There was still much to learn about their current and future health.

Jen worried about what they could be suffering from.

The mama and her kitten had been so cruelly cast away.

Jen couldn’t help but worry that their health would be in just as sorry a state…

A Pleasant Surprise

Surprisingly, the mom, Grace, and her baby, Bumble, were in great shape health-wise.

They were taken to the vet and Mama Grace was tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Bumble and Grace were both vaccinated and officially on track to becoming happy, healthy cats! 

However, the challenge of finding a forever family proved to be a different story.

Picky Eaters

Both cats were rightfully skittish from the moment they were found in the box.

With Bumble being a kitten, he was easier to socialize when it came to meal time etiquette and trusting people.

Grace, on the other hand, couldn’t help but carry over some habits from her past life.

Her actions hinted at the rough conditions she’d lived in before arriving at Jen’s Kitty Rehab.

Grace would growl when a team member prepared her food and while she ate.

It was clear her food anxiety was a product of having to worry about having enough to eat in the past.

Luckily, Grace wasn’t aggressive. She wouldn’t hurt a fly!

“She’s used to having to defend her food from wherever she came from, but she’s never been aggressive,” Jen said. “I can even pet her while she’s growling.”

Little Bumble was taking his own path with food preferences.

He wasn’t eating on his own just yet and preferred mama Grace’s milk.

Jen tried offering him wet food, but Bumble wasn’t interested.

“All the experts say to start them on a paté kitten food, but he turns his nose up at it,” Jen said.

At 7 weeks old, Bumble was still in normal nursing age range and mama Grace didn’t seem to mind.

Jen was determined to get this mother-son duo on track to find forever family.

When the time was right, she wanted to make sure Bumble and Grace were in tip-top condition!

The Path to Adoption

Grace will be spayed once she is done nursing and Bumble will be neutered when he is older and weighs enough.

Once they’ve been fully vetted and receive a clean bill of health, they’ll be on their way to their forever homes!

Because of Grace’s food anxiety, she might need to stay in foster care or the rescue facility for a bit longer while she gets used to the idea of not having to worry about food.

Meanwhile, the two will continue to be showered with love and attention from Jen’s team.

Jen’s daughter in particular has grown quite fond of little Bumble!

She gives him his fair share of kisses and cuddles, holding him close like the little champion he is.

Only Child Syndrome

Since coming to his foster home, Bumble is a happy, healthy kitten who loves to play — maybe a little too much for his mom’s liking. 

“He’s kind of got only child syndrome since he’s the only one. I think he annoys his mama a little bit by playing,” Jen said. 

Bumble is a star kitten, though.

He doesn’t bite, scratch, or try to climb legs. He even has a few tricks up his furry little sleeve!

“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or a trick, but my daughter will say, ‘Bumble, give me a high-five’ and hold her hand out. 9 times out of 10, he’ll put his little paw in her hand,” Jen said.

He also loves to play with the wrinkles in people’s clothes.

“He attacks the wrinkles to make them straight again,” Jen laughed. 

Never again will they end up traumatized and trapped in a box.

Without having to worry about their safety or where their next meal will come from, these two can focus on having fun and relaxing.

One thing is certain: Bumble and Grace are grateful to be in good hands.

“The ones that are rescued seem to be thankful and their actions show that. They’re not your typical cats,” Jen said.

Thanks to Jen’s Kitty Rehab, Bumble and Grace have started a beautiful new chapter of life!

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Thursday 30th of September 2021

Just love the happy ending stories!😻

Marilyn Conrad

Thursday 30th of September 2021

I don't have a website. Liked your kitten article.

Kim Groom

Thursday 30th of September 2021

I am so glad that Grace and Bumble are doing great. I am glad that Bumble found a good home. I am glad that both of them are in good hands. They will never have to worry about being abused again God bless the ones who have taken them in their families.