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Tiny Kitten Rejected by Mom Blossoms into Cutest Little Gentleman

Tiny Kitten Rejected by Mom Blossoms into Cutest Little Gentleman

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It was a fateful day in the middle of in Quincy, Illinois when a litter of kittens were heard crying for help.

Their mother had abandoned her babies at only a few weeks old, leaving them vulnerable to the world. 

The kittens wouldn’t survive for long without their mother’s warmth and milk.

Fortunately, these babies were saved just in time!

Keep reading to learn how these dodged a tragic fate and landed in a loving home.

To The Rescue

At first, only one of the kittens was discovered.

This lucky little kitten was handed to Liv, a volunteer foster for Quincy Humane Society and Cuddle Cat Rescue.

Liv welcome the infant kitten into her home with open arms, however, she worried about the rest of the litter whose whereabouts were unknown.

“I received a call from the same person a week later that they found two more of the siblings that the mother cat was no longer caring for,” Liv shared. 

As soon as she learned about the other littermates, Liv told Cuddle Cat Rescue about the situation, hoping that they would reunite her foster kitten with his siblings.

Thankfully, the rescue agreed and the bottle babies were soon all under the same roof.

“They were brought to my house about 20 minutes later by the person that found them,” Liv recalled.

One of the kittens, Douglas, was about to make a grand entrance!

Getting Settled Down

Luckily, Douglas and his littermates were as healthy as they could be, all things considered.

Liv placed them in an incubator so they could get nice and cozy before being bottle fed.

Surprisingly, Douglas took to bottle feeding almost instantly. 

“He was a good eater right away,” Liv shared. 

Liv had never had a kitten accept a bottle as well as Douglas did.

“Sometimes kittens who were with a mama cat don’t take very well initially to the bottle, but Douglas was great!” Liv said. 

Liv continued to provide round-the-clock feedings and care as the kittens purred with gratitude. 

Liz watched as Douglas and his siblings grew bigger and stronger with each passing day!

New Home, New Adventures

Liv could tell from day one that Douglas was going to be a playful and lovable cat, and she was right. 

“Douglas was awesome when I brought him in. Chatty and active,” Liv recalled.

As little Douglas grew more comfortable in his new home, his personality began to shine brighter than before. 

He loved playing with his littermates and chatting with Liv whenever he had the chance. 

While he loved playtime, he also knew how to kick back and relax.

Douglas loved chowing down and napping hard.

Onto New Adventures

These days, Douglas busies himself with following Liv around the house like her mini shadow.

If he’s not tailing her, the little kitten spends his time filling the house with his adorable meowing. 

He also enjoys model new hats from time to time.

His confidence shows through his pictures and he loves the attention he gets from modeling!

“Douglas is super chatty. Live shared. “He loves meowing his little heart out.”

The charming tabby has also become quite the cuddler. 

“He has recently learned how to get into my bed at night where he cuddles up next to me,” Liv recalled. 

Once Douglas is neutered and fully vetted, he’ll be up for adoption and ready to meet his purrfect forever family.

With so much charm and purrsonality, it won’t take Douglas very long to find his special someone!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.