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Scared Kitten So Happy to Sleep on Warm Lap After Found Dodging Cars on Busy Street

Scared Kitten So Happy to Sleep on Warm Lap After Found Dodging Cars on Busy Street

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A woman spotted two tiny, defenseless kittens on the side of a busy road in Oahu, Hawaii, and knew she had to act fast.

The kittens were fending for themselves and dodging cars to stay alive.

But for one kitten, this was only the beginning of her problems.

Keep reading to hear about one mini kitten with a big heart.

Roadside Attraction

On a busy road in Oahu, Hawaii two tiny, defenseless kittens were spotted huddling together in fear.

They were alone and just inches away from the speeding tires of cars.

The good Samaritan who found them knew she had to act fast.

She quickly scooped up the 3-week-old kittens before they could run into the dangerous road.

The woman brought the two scared kittens to the safety of her home and assessed the state that they were in.

They were skinny, dehydrated, and one had a bad eye infection.

She would name the tiniest of the two Little Mini.

“She tried to care for them,” explained Shaynne Gray, an independent rescuer in Oahu, Hawaii. “Little Mini was half the size of the other kitten, and she couldn’t get Little Mini to eat.”

Little Mini was in dire need of food.

So, the woman called the one person she knew could help – rescuer Shaynne Gray.

Shaynne hoped she was not too late to save the tiny kitten.  

Learning to Grow

Shaynne was determined to help Little Mini get bigger and stronger, but Little Mini was struggling to eat.

Little Mini had already developed teeth.

Unlike other bottle babies, she just wanted to chew the bottle nipple instead of eating the good stuff inside of the bottle.

“I had to use a syringe,” explained Shaynne. “I had to feed her around the clock; about every two hours.”

Slowly, Shaynne’s hard work was paying off. Each day she saw Little Mini improving.

Ounce by ounce, her big green eyes grew just a little brighter and a little happier each day.

“You could feel her ribs and her bones, she was pretty thin,” recalled Shaynne. “We finally got to the point that you couldn’t feel that anymore.”

With every ounce gained, Little Mini showed more and more of her big personality.

Shaynne quickly realized there were big things to learn about Little Mini.

Small Body, Big Heart

Helping Little Mini was Shaynne’s first time fostering a kitten so weak and so little. 

She couldn’t risk anything happening to sweet Little Mini, even though the kitten was feeling much better after five weeks of around-the-clock care.

Little Mini had to stay in her own playroom, isolated from the other cats in the house in order to stay safe from sickness.

Little Mini continued to stay in good spirits, despite wanting nothing more than to play with her kitty friends. 

She reveled in the time spent with Shaynne, purring, playing, and showering her in kitty kisses.

“She entertained herself. She was very playful, very vocal,” shared Shaynne.

Little Mini had a meow that was about the same as she was.

It was the quietest, sweetest little meow Shaynne had ever heard.

Little Mini would remain quite mini. From her meow to her size.

But the least mini thing about her was Little Mini’s huge heart.

Shaynne knew Little Mini had too big of a heart to stay isolated.

So, she did what any other great foster mom would do.

The Perfect Place

Too small to be spayed, Little Mini was a special circumstance.

She was adopted out to a neighbor of Shaynne’s where she could play and grow big enough for her surgery.

The name Little Mini didn’t fit the growing kitten with the huge personality anymore. She was renamed Meeka.

“She was such a sweet kitten,” said Shaynne. “Then she went to her forever home and she had a brother and freedom of the house.”

Meeka could not contain her pure joy and excitement.

All she ever wanted was another kitty to play with. Her heart was so full.

“She has a whole new world that opened up to her,” said Shaynne.

Meeka was wild! She wanted to play with her new brother every second she could.

When she couldn’t play with him, she would run, jump, and entertain herself.

Eventually, the excitement of this big new world mellowed and Meeka returned to thanking those around her with cuddles, purrs, and kitty kisses.   

Happily Ever After

With the help of Shaynne and her new family, she grew big and strong enough to be spayed and adopted. 

Her spay surgery was her final step in becoming a grown up, and Shaynne could breath easy knowing she had accomplished the task of helping this little kitten thrive.

Meeka might always remain a smaller cat, but she left big paw prints in Shaynne’s life.                                                                                                          

“She’s one that I’ll remember, I wasn’t sure if I could pull her out of it,” shared Shaynne.

We’re sure that Meeka will always remember the good Samaritan that rescued her and the foster mom that worked tirelessly to make sure she survived.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Lisa Fouse

Thursday 2nd of December 2021

I love cats I lost one of my cats and I am looking for one to replace the one I lost