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Kitten Rescued from Abusive Home Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms Knowing He’s Finally Safe

Kitten Rescued from Abusive Home Melts Into Rescuer’s Arms Knowing He’s Finally Safe

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When a Hawaii woman found a kitten alone and scared on her property, she immediately rushed to help him. 

It wasn’t long until she fell head over heels in love with him.

She took him in right away, looking forward to having a new member of the house.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend and his mom weren’t on board with the idea.

In fact, they hated cats and were very abusive towards the poor kitty. 

The idea of rehoming him saddened the woman, but it broke her heart even more to see him treated poorly by her family members. 

She knew she needed to find a new home for him quickly.

Seeking Safety

The woman posted in a Facebook group, Catopia Hawaii, asking if anyone could help.

Bret Thompsett and his girlfriend, Aimei, saw the post and immediately reached out to help. 

The woman informed Bret of the situation and mentioned that the kitten was also starting to come down with an illness.

Bret immediately agreed to go and assess the kitten, initially thinking that the kitty’s illness was nothing too major. 

However, Bret was surprised to find that the kitten, later named Christopher Robin, wasn’t just sick.

What he discovered was was actually much worse…

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

The kitten, who was only about two and a half months old, was already knocking on death’s door. 

He was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection (URI) and had extremely infected eyes with green snot bubbles coming out of his nose. 

“He was literally just limp in my hands…and just in really bad shape,” Bret recalled.

Seeing how much the poor kitten was suffering, Bret and Aimei took him to a vet right away to receive the medical attention and relief he desperately needed. 

Christopher Robin immediately started treatment while the rescuer couple waited with fingers crossed.

Fortunately, Christopher Robin was a fighter. He wasn’t ready to give up!

Within a few days, he bounced right back.

Just when things started looking up for Christopher Robin, the vets discovered something worse than his URI: ringworm. 

“Everyone’s like ‘Oh my gosh, no, not ringworm! It’s the worst thing in the world!’ So we went full bore,” Bret shared. 

This was especially concerning considering how contagious it was to the other rescue cats and resident cats in Bret and Aimei’s home.

They isolated Christopher Robin for six weeks straight as he went through treatment, carefully handling him with surgical smocks and gloves.  

Road to Recovery

Thankfully, little Christopher Robin was a trooper!

“He never once complained or tried to get out. Some cats we had that had to be isolated, they just hate life… and will be super upset,” Bret said. 

Christopher Robin seemed to understand what was happening and tried his best to do what was needed for him to recover. 

Soon enough, he was back on his feet.

His personality started to shine through as he could finally play and snuggle with his foster family worry-free.

That was when Bret and Aimei realized what a spirited and affectionate cat Christopher Robin really was. 

Finding a Forever Home

Despite everything he had been through, he transformed to be one of the sweetest rescues they ever had. 

“He loved to head bump. He purred so loud, and he just really appreciated us saving him,” Bret shared. 

Thanks to Christopher Robin’s irresistible charm and handsome looks, it didn’t take long to find him an amazing family.

“He just fit right in. He went straight into the new family and was just like ‘I’m home! This is my new home now!’ and settled in. They love him,” Bret said. 

Bret and Aimei are so happy that Christopher Robin is finally right where he belongs.

He’s in good hands, grateful that he’ll never have to worry about being neglected or hurt ever again!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.


Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

I am so glad that Christopher Robin is in a good loving family. He will never have to worry about being abused. There are to many mean people in this world and why they would abused their own pet. God made pets for us to love and for them to be in a family where they will not be abused. The people that take abused animals in their home will be blessed some day. God bless.

Kate Kenner

Monday 1st of November 2021

How lucky that Christopher Robin was saved. The first woman cared and tried and fortunately realized he could not stay there though I must say considering that I know that I could not stay with someone who abused animals. He looks like quite the fantastic cat and so handsome. I am happy he found a home where he is appreciated and love and thanks to Bret and Aimei for doing so much for him and all the cats they rescue.

Maria Plochocki

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

I agree: she should leave that bastard so-called boyfriend of hers and his lousy whore of a mother; she deserves better!

Angie Harguess

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

I would not stay with him! Not liking cats is one thing (deal killer for me!) being mean to them is unacceptable! Can you imagine how mean the kids could grow up to be?