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Electrocuted Kitten Spends Months in Recovery, Kind Vet Tech Comforts Him Through It All

Electrocuted Kitten Spends Months in Recovery, Kind Vet Tech Comforts Him Through It All

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When a kitten was brought in one day to a Connecticut animal hospital, the staff were stunned at what they saw.

The kitten had somehow bit into a wire connected to a faulty outlet, causing severe damage to his poor little face.

The situation was grim, but the staff were committed to helping this little guy pull through.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Grim Situation

This 10 month old kitten, later named Zapp, was in very rough shape.

Cats are naturally very curious creatures, so it’s important for humans who take care of them to make sure their homes are a safe environment! 

If electrical wires and such are exposed, it leads to things like what happened to poor Zapp.

The electrocution had not only caused damage to the exterior of his face, but the interior of his body as well. 

“He had countless surgeries to remove the necrotic facial tissue and remove damaged bone,” Wendy, one of the vet techs, told us.  

He had extensive work done on his trachea as well, and he needed to be fed through a tube.

“Despite his injuries, he was a very sweet little guy,” Wendy said. “He never once complained during his initial treatments.”

Zapp had such a good attitude about it all, the vet team knew they couldn’t let him down.

Road to Recovery

The months following Zapp’s rescue were very tense and scary.

“He had countless brushes with death and needed around the clock treatments and observation,” Wendy shared.

Every night, he came home with Wendy so she could monitor and care for him.

It was a tough road to recovery, but Wendy was in it for the long haul, and Zapp had proved he could handle whatever life threw at him.

The more they went through together, the more Wendy realized that maybe Zapp wasn’t just another patient…

Together Forever

Eventually, Zapp pulled through!

Everyone realized the scariest part was behind them, and a bright future lay ahead for Zapp.

“After the first 6 months of ups and down, sleepless nights, brushes with death, Zapp and I bonded,” Wendy said.

So, Zapp transitioned to being a permanent fixture in Wendy’s family!

“He decided he was a part of the family and we’ve been inseparable since,” Wendy said.

Wendy was so happy that Zapp had survived, and Zapp was grateful that Wendy realized he belonged with her.

Living the Good Life

While Zapp was out of the woods, he still had some recovering to do.

But, he wasn’t going to let that stop him from having a good time now that he was feeling better!

The more he recovered, the more energy he had to play and be the bubbly little cat he was born to be.

“Saturday nights are always “Boys’ Night” with his Uncle Zach,” Wendy said. “They would play games and eat snacks and spend quality time together.”

He spends his days bird watching, playing with toys, and eating as many snacks as he can get his paws on!

Zapp and Wendy have moved away from their original home, but he still gets his boys night with Uncle Zach on Facetime!

Each day is better than the last for Zapp.

Happily Ever After

While he’s been making up for lost play time, he hasn’t forgotten about his human mama and how special she is to him.

“Zapp is a sweet, snuggly little guy,” Wendy said. “He loves burrowing under blankets. He likes to be as close as possible.”

If he’s not snuggling up with Wendy, he’s begging her for snackies!

“He loves snacks, especially the squeeze up ones,” Wendy shared.

Because of his injuries, Zapp can only eat patè, which even then is still a little messy.

But, Wendy never minds it!

“He makes a big mess but the happiness on his face when he finishes is heartwarming.”

Wendy and Zapp have been through so much together, they deserve the best life has to offer!

“He taught me a lot about myself and brought such happiness to my life,” Wendy shared. “He changed my life for the better.”
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