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Sweetheart Kitten Smiles Big in Spring Pictures for Mom

Sweetheart Kitten Smiles Big in Spring Pictures for Mom

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It was an eventful day preparing for the grand opening Jen’s Kitty Rehab, but it was about to get even more eventful when a pregnant stray cat just so happened to mysteriously appear by the rescue facility’s doors.

As fortune would have it, she found herself exactly where she needed to be.

Keep reading to discover how fate brought together a mama cat and the people who helped her deliver a very special litter of kittens– one of whom became a star!

A Surprise Guest

Jen Grayston, founder of Jen’s Kitty Rehab, was looking forward to the grand opening of her long anticipated new rescue facility.

Meanwhile, a pregnant cat had found her way to the doors of the new facility looking for a safe place to have her kittens.

“My fiancé and co-founder, Jesse, called and said, ‘there’s a pregnant cat in the parking lot and it just came up to me,’” recalled Jen.

It was almost as if the mama cat’s sudden appearance at the rescue facility wasn’t a coincidence.

Rushing to the Rescue

Jen and Jesse accepted her with open arms and named her Eloise.

The couple took her home where she was given a comfortable, private space and a much needed meal.

It wasn’t long after Eloise arrived at Jen and Jesse’s home that she went into labor.

Jen and Jesse watched in awe as Eloise gave birth to six beautiful kittens.

Little did they know, one of these kittens was about to become a local celebrity.

Meet Little Willow!

Though Jen and Jesse loved all six of Eloise’s kittens, one in particular stole their hearts.

This special kitten, later named Willow, was a little chatterbox from the moment she stepped foot in the world.

“She immediately turns into a huge purr box as soon as she gets ear scratches,” said Jen.

Her personality shined through her fuzzy stripes and spotted belly.

Flower Child

Jen’s daughter described Willow as “talkative and crazy”.

The chatty kitten quickly bonded with Jen’s daughter and became her tiniest photography model.

“My daughter loves taking pictures of the cats and the kittens, especially the kittens. So we had a little springtime photoshoot with them,” said Jen.

Sporting springtime flowers, Jen’s daughter captured Willow’s flowerchild side.

With a dandelion behind her ear and a periwinkle on her head, Willow melted everyone’s hearts.

Mama Eloise would be proud of these spring pictures!

Soft & Speckled

Little Willow is now 8 weeks old and is still as talkative and sweet as ever.

“Willow is doing great! She’s thriving with her siblings and foster family,” said Jen.

She’s been weaned from Mama Eloise and embracing her new independence.

“Willow is a confident and curious kitty! She’s an excellent toy mouse hunter and loves to lead her sisters into playtime,” Jen told Tail Talez.

Willow proudly shows off her soft, speckled belly as if she knows her “fans” can’t get enough of it!

“She loves laying on her back and showing off her cute little spotted tummy!” Jen gushed.

Happily Ever After

No one knows what Mama Eloise’s life was like before she showed up at the rescue facility’s doors, but one thing is certain: she raised 6 strong, healthy babies!

“They all have a a lot of energy with a big, healthy appetite to match it,” said Jen.

Willow loves to practice her hunting skills by pouncing on little mouse toys and climbing up her kitty tower.

She’s often joined by her siblings who will tumble and play until they retire for a nap in a nice, warm puddle of sunshine.

Once old enough to be fully vetted, Jen has no doubt Willow, Eloise, and the rest of her siblings will find loving homes.

Until then, she’ll continue living her best life at her foster home where she’s showered with love and attention.

Jen’s Kitty Rehab

Jen, Jesse, and her small network of fosters are rescuing cats and kittens in the rural south where animal welfare is severely underfunded.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with their mission!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kim Groom

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

I am so glad that the momma cat found a good place to have her litter of kittens and are healthy. I hope they find good loving homes. God bless!

Beth Anthony

Friday 21st of May 2021

Beautiful little kitties🐱😽🐱 Smiles to light mom's day😺😻 Sweet precious kitties😽😾😺 For mom to love in every way ❣❤💕💞