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Kittens Found Crying in Dark Field Overcome Fears & Live Life to the Fullest – Can’t Stop Purring

Kittens Found Crying in Dark Field Overcome Fears & Live Life to the Fullest – Can’t Stop Purring

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One night in Pearl City, Hawaii, two tiny kittens were found crying and in need of help in the middle of a dark field. 

No one could figure out how these two infant kittens ended up there, much less managed to survive alone…

Keep reading to find out how this unsolved mystery led to a life-saving rescue mission.

Rushing to the Rescue

When Shaynne Gray, an independent cat rescuer in Hawaii, was stunned when she came across a post online about two infant kittens crying in a field.

Shaynne’s heart broke at the thought of what could’ve happened to the kittens had they been left there to suffer.

The kittens were without a mother in an area full of dangerous animals.

As an experienced kitten rescuer and foster, she knew she had to do something.

She couldn’t turn the two away after knowing what they’d been through.

It was 10:30 on a Sunday night, but Shaynne and her husband didn’t care– they knew these kittens wouldn’t survive on their own.

They dropped everything and hopped in the car to go help them.

While this was only Shaynne’s second time working with kittens, she felt calm and confident in her ability to tackle the job ahead.

However, every rescue is unique and these two kittens wouldn’t disappoint on that end.

A Fresh Start

The two kittens were barely 10 days old, their eyes just opening to a scary world of loneliness and fear.

Luckily, Shaynne was on her way to save the day.

She and her husband scooped them up, rushed them home, and immediately got them food and shelter.

The cries of the kittens were quickly replaced with the sweet sound of purring.

They had been given a fresh start in life.

The girls brought an energy to the house that neither Shaynne nor her husband were expecting, but welcomed with open arms.

They had had other foster cats in the home, but something felt different about these two girls.

A Big Decision

Before Shaynne and her husband knew it, the girls were no longer just foster kittens.

Shaynne had bottle fed them and watched them grow into two healthy, happy kittens.

After all they’d been through, it was only right that the babies stayed with their mom.

The girls were now part of their forever family.

“I had no intention of keeping them. I was going to foster them and get them healthy,” explained Shaynne.

When they officially joined Shaynne’s household, they were given names.

The tuxedo kitten was named Miki and her fuzzy gray sister was named Nani.

The girls were so excited to have a new forever home!

Nani and Miki loved their new home and wanted to explore every inch of it.

However, they were about to learn that their curiosity could be troublesome…

Accidents Happen

Both Nani and Miki loved finding new things in the home and playing with each other.

They had so much energy and their curiosity knew no bounds.

However, one day, they got a little too rambunctious and it almost ended horribly!

“Nani thought she was superwoman and started running around with the bag on her head,” said Shaynne.  

Nani took off, knocking Miki off balance and down the stairs!

Crack! Miki had fallen into the wall, shattering the growth plate in her leg.  

Bouncing Back

Shaynne immediately got Miki the care she needed, and luckily the injury hardly slowed Miki down.  

“She’s the same loveable kitten as she always was,” said Shaynne.

Well, almost…

Miki now chooses to keep her paws on the ground where they belong!

While Nani and her two sisters, Kika and Polu, pounce from cabinet to cabinet, Miki chooses to avoid heights.

As for Nani, she hasn’t just grown out of her curiosity for plastic bags – she has grown physically!

At just over a year old, Nani tips the scale at 13 pounds!

One Big Happy Family

All four girls do have one thing in common – they are all daddy’s girls.

Each and every morning the four cats wake up with dad and have their own special time with him.

After special time with dad, all four cats join mom, Shaynne, for breakfast, a daily photo shoot, and more cuddles. 

All of the girls share a special bond with both Shaynne and her husband that melts the hearts of anyone who witnesses it.

After a long day, the two girls melt in their mom and dad’s arms for a much needed snuggle session.

They all knew that the rest of their days would be full of happiness and love the moment they met Shaynne.

Mystery Unsolved

No one knows why Nani and Miki were left in that field that night, but one thing is certain: Nani and Miki found their way to exactly where they belong.  

“When your cats can sleep on their backs upside down and purr, you know they’re living their best life,” said Shaynne.

Nani and Miki, found all alone, would never be alone again.

“They’re very well adjusted for having such a rough start to life,” shared Shaynne. 

Thank you to Shaynne for listening to the kittens cries and giving them the life they always deserved.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Suzanne Roussel

Thursday 29th of July 2021

Such beautiful babies 😍 so adorable and sweet precious babies 💖 I love happy endings 💖 nice to know that there are lots of wonderful carinng people out there 💖 thank you for saving those beautiful babies 💖 god bless you

jacqueline hanshaw

Saturday 31st of July 2021

Such adorable cats and special stories