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Homesick Surrendered Cat Runs Away, Rescued by New Best Friend After Being Lost for Weeks

Homesick Surrendered Cat Runs Away,  Rescued by New Best Friend After Being Lost for Weeks

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When a family found themselves in an unfortunate circumstance, they had to make an impossible decision.

They had to surrender their precious cat. 

The family was heartbroken, and their cat was confused and afraid.

This sweet girl was at the beginning of a long journey, but she was determined to find her happily ever after.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Rambling Woman

When the cat, who’s name was Lucy, was surrendered, she was very confused and lonely.

To make matters worse, she was passed on 3 different times before settling down at her forever home.

Unfortunately, all of this moving around had unsettled poor Lucy so much that she ran away from her new home!

Her family was so worried about her, and they were not going to give up until they found her.

A Chance Encounter

It had been 3 weeks since Lucy had gone missing, and by now all of the neighbors were on the lookout for her.

One day, a neighbor named Charlotte was walking home when she saw something moving at the treeline. 

“I saw this scraggly little gray and white cat, and I thought it might be Lucy,” Charlotte said. “I called her name, and she meowed and came up to me right away.”

Charlotte had been worrying for weeks since she heard about Lucy’s disappearance and was overcome with relief to have found the sweet girl.

It also seemed like Charlotte had found her just in time, because Lucy had become very skinny and dirty after her time on her own.

Two Peas in a Pod

From that very moment, Lucy became attached at the hip to Charlotte.

“I gave her a friskie can, and she loved it,” Charlotte said. “Then, She followed me home that day and never left!”

After getting Lucy clean, fed, and warmed up, Charlotte went to Lucy’s family to share the good news.

Just like Charlotte, they were overjoyed that Lucy was safe and sound.

When the family saw how comfortable Lucy was with Charlotte, they wondered if it might be best to let the sweet kitty stay with her.

Lucy had already been moved around so much, they didn’t want to put her through yet another transition, even if it was back to her last home.

Charlotte was very happy to hear this, but there was just one problem…

No Vacancy

Due to some health concerns of her family members, Charlotte was not able to bring any animals into her house. 

However, she was determined to give Lucy a home.

It took some time, but Charlotte eventually figured out a way to keep Lucy indoors while also keeping her family safe!

“Now, she has toys and couches and beds and an abundance of friskie cans,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte could tell that Lucy was so happy to be in her new home and finally felt safe enough to relax.

Best Friends

It’s been 4 years now since Charlotte and Lucy united, and every day has gotten better and better.

Lucy is very happy to have an indoor home now, but she still enjoys a little outside time with Charlotte.

“There’s a nature preserve next to my home,” Charlotte said. “We’ll go out there for walks and have picnics.”

They do everything together, from adventuring outside to watching movies on the couch.

“Lucy loves watching Julia Roberts movies,” Charlotte shared. “I’ll put one on, and we just sit on the couch together and watch and snack.”

They are the best of friends and look forward to whatever the future has in store for both of them.

Happily Ever After

Lucy enjoys her home, but Charlotte hopes to move soon to a place where Lucy can have access to the whole house!

It’s important to Charlotte that her family stays healthy, but she also wants to give Lucy the best life she can have!

“Something that amazes me about Lucy is that she’s been through so many hardships, but she’s such a gentle soul,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte always makes sure to return Lucy’s gentleness with the same love and kindness.

Regardless of where they live, the two of them will be happy so long as they are together!

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