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Mama Dog Found Giving Birth in the Cold – So Happy Her Puppies Are Safe & Warm Now

Mama Dog Found Giving Birth in the Cold – So Happy Her Puppies Are Safe & Warm Now

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When some good samaritans came upon a dog in the middle of giving birth, they thought they had a lot on their hands.

Little did they know that things were about to get even more complicated. This mamma dog, who was barely a year old herself, was struggling to get one of the puppies out!

Keep reading to find out how this mamma dog did everything she could for her puppies.

Rushed to Safety

Vera, the mamma dog in question, was actively giving birth when she was found in December of 2020.

The birth of her very first puppy was not going well. The puppy was stuck in her birthing canal. 

She was rushed to the nearest veterinary office, a spay and neuter clinic. Specialists at the clinic jumped into action to save Vera and her puppies.

“People found her and panicked,” said Erin Burke of East Tennessee Alliance for Animals, “they took her to the nearest place they could think of.”

Vera is very lucky they did. With the help of a veterinary team, Vera gave birth to three tiny, but healthy puppies.

Tiny but Mighty

Once the puppies were born and Vera was stabilized, the vet team at the clinic began to search for someone who could take over from there.

This was when they called ETAA.

At two days old, the three puppies and mama Vera arrived at Erin’s home for foster care.

“They were tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny puppies,” recalled Erin, “the smallest one, which is actually the first one that [Vera] had issues with, was probably the size – not even the size of my hand.”

The first puppy, the smallest of the litter and the puppy that was stuck during birth, is named Rosemary. She loves to be held. 

The second puppy is named Wallace. He enjoyed being held on his back, like a baby. Davis, the third puppy, at 4.5 pounds, is the largest of the three puppies.

Parenting 101

Vera was a protective, but wonderful mom to Rosemary, Wallace and Davis.

Vera didn’t move around very much when she first arrived at Erin’s. She didn’t want to be away from her puppies.

“The first few days she wouldn’t let me touch her. She wouldn’t come out of the crate, she wanted to be around her babies,” said Erin. 

But soon, Erin gained her trust and her and Vera, “become pretty fast friends.”

Vera’s puppies were so tiny that Erin waited for a while before she allowed them to wander her house with the other humans and animals around.

However, Vera raised three perfectly healthy pups and they were scooting about in no time!

Looking Forward to Forever

Once Erin started posting about the puppies and looking to see if they had an original human, a few people came forward saying Vera was their dog. 

However, no one had proof that she was in fact, their dog. So, Vera and her puppies began looking for a forever home.

Vera has a potential adopter. However, she may need a few more vet visits for a limp before heading to a home.

Rosemary had an interested adopter since she was just three weeks old.

As soon as she received her shots, off Rosemary went to live with her forever family!

Davis is currently in search of his perfect home. 

You Had Me at Underbite

“It’s all a waiting game with what’s going to happen with them,” said Erin, “if you know anybody wanting a small dog where you are, you let me know!”

As far as Wallace goes, let’s just say that he has an underbite that could melt hearts!

“Two of my dogs have underbites, and Wallace has an underbite as well,” laughed Erin. “I just love his little face!” 

Erin loves his little face so much that he might just be a foster fail – that is, Erin might just keep Wallace for herself!

Regardless of whether or not Wallace stays in Erin’s home, we’re sure that Vera and her puppies will all end up at the perfect place!

Be sure to follow Erin on Instagram to keep up with all of her adorable foster puppies.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.