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Man Saves “Vampire Bat” Kitten & Helps Him Blossom into Beautiful Cat

Man Saves “Vampire Bat” Kitten & Helps Him Blossom into Beautiful Cat

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An 8-week-old kitten was found with no hair, looking more like a bat than a kitten.

But, just like the ugly duckling, this kitten would eventually grow to be a beautiful swan.

Keep reading and discover how one couple’s love and patience helped this kitten undergo an incredible transformation.

A Helping Hand

Nandor was not your typical looking kitten.

Named Nandor after the vampire on What We Do in The Shadows, 8-week-old Nandor’s patchy fur and long ears gave him a bat-like appearance.

He was found alone, lying in a driveway patiently waiting for someone to help him.

Thankfully, help came. A couple just so happened to take notice of the odd-looking kitten and gently scoop him up.

“He’s just lying there and they just walk up to him and pick him up,” said Bret Thompsett, a cat foster and rescuer based in Hawaii.

But the couple was about to leave town and would need a helping hand.

Straggly but Stunning

Bret and his girlfriend, Aimei, gladly volunteered to foster the kitten until he was healthy enough to stand on his own.

“So, I saw the photos of him and I said ‘oh my gosh, this guy looks like he’s on struggle street,’” recalled Bret. “Bleeding heart, I go out to get him.”

Bret and Aimei were introduced to Nandor. His fur was sparse, his eyes were crusted shut, and he was suffering from a bad upper respiratory infection.

The couple cleaned Nandor up and got him the medication he needed. However, Nandor still had a long way to go.

“He stayed this really awkward skinny, barely covered in fur for the longest time. He just looked super straggly all the time,” said Bret.

Finally, Nandor’s fur began growing in patches of short, medium, and long fur.

“He awkwardly grew into a coat that couldn’t quite decide what kind of cat it belonged to. He had patches of fur in all different lengths,” recalled Bret.

But then, something changed.

A Beautiful Transformation

Nandor suddenly grew into his beautiful mane.  

“He blossomed into this beautiful fluffy tailed, medium haired boy. He was just stunning. It was this classic butterfly situation,” recalled Bret.

Patchy hair or fluffy mane, Nandor had been beautiful to Aimei and Bret since day one.

Because of the couple’s love and care, Nandor was finally on track to look and feel his best.

His recovery took time, but Nandor beamed with confidence from the very beginning. He made himself right at home!

He was quick to make friends with the other foster cats, especially with Odin, a one-eyed kitten whom Nandor shares a special bond with.

“I don’t remember any issues with him socializing. He just fit right in with everybody. He was part of the family,” said Bret.

Nandor stole the hearts of everyone, both humans and foster cats alike.

Bret was thrilled to see Nandor blossom into a beautiful cat and start the next chapter of his life.

Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight when Nandor met his new forever family.

Nandor immediately ran into their laps as if he had known them his entire life.

“They fell in love with Nandor, and we fell in love with them because they were so amazing,” said Bret.

Not only did Nandor gain a new family, but he also gained a new fur-sibling to keep him company!

Though Nandor would have been just as loved with his patchy fur, his rescuers are happy he blossomed into the dapper boy he was meant to be.

“It was just the perfect family to take him,” said Bret. “He is very loved.”

If you’d like to learn how you can help Bret and Aimei rescue more kittens like Nandor, follow them on instagram and witness more of their incredible rescue missions!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Michael Freitas

Tuesday 1st of February 2022

I'm so glad Nandor found a Loving Home and Family but what happened to his buddy Odin. I hope that he found a Loving Home and Family also

They are all so adorable 😍 and sweet precious babies 💖 thank you for saving 💗 all of them god bless you and your family.

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Thank you 💞 for saving all those adorable sweet babies 💗 god bless 🙏 you and your family.