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Surrendered Miniature Horses with Unbreakable Bond Refuse to Be Apart

Surrendered Miniature Horses with Unbreakable Bond Refuse to Be Apart

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Looking to spend the afternoon with like-minded animal lovers, one man and his family would return home with a much bigger aspiration – to start a farm animal sanctuary.

As if by fate, two miniature horses were in the middle of looking for a new home at the very same time.

Keep reading to hear about one family’s journey learning how to care for farm animals and the two miniature horses that started it all.

A New Passion

Ted Kamprath and his twin 10-year-old girls took a family trip to the Richmond Veg Fest. 

The family wanted to try a few new foods and learn a new recipe or two, but would find something much bigger.

“When we got there, we noticed some tables set up with goats and pigs,” recalled Ted.

Immediately drawn to the animals, Ted’s daughters hurried to the booth.

“We learned a lot about farm animal sanctuaries. We learned there was a huge need for a home for some of these animals that were no longer needed,” said Ted.

As he learned more, Ted couldn’t help but think that he may be able to help too!

“We had the property, and we had the love for animals. So, we decided to start a farm animal sanctuary.”

Butterfly Field Farm, located in Bedford, Virginia, had been born. Now, all they needed was to find some animals in need of a home!

Yin & Yang

Ted immediately began reaching out to nearby organizations to see if they needed any help rehoming animals.

As fate would have it, Red Dog Farm of Stokesdale, NC had two miniature horses who were looking for a new home. 

“The owners were looking to surrender Yin and Yang because they kept escaping their pasture,” explained Ted.

“It was an exciting day when the trailer pulled up with Yin and Yang in it,” said Ted.

Having spent their entire lives together, the escape artist horses were a bonded pair. They refused to leave the other’s side.

“They have to do everything together,” said Ted. “I would take them for a walk one at a time but I quickly learned that if I took one away from the other the other one went ballistic.”

In fact, Yin & Yang’s special bond was a testament to the reason Ted started the animal sanctuary in the first place.

Ted wanted a space where he could show everyone that animals love and bond just like humans do.

These beautiful creatures have their own feelings and unique personalities that make them special.

Ted realized there was so much to learn about raising Yin and Yang and other farm animals – and learn is exactly what Ted would do.

Warming Up

It wasn’t all daises and sunshine at the beginning. Ted needed to earn Yin & Yang’s trust.

“Yin had a lot of attitude. Matter of fact, the first time we had our farrier come she bit him in the ear,” recalled Ted. “She was feisty.”

However, as Ted learned more about raising the horses, Yin and Yang became less feisty.

“Their transition went hand in hand with my education on what I was doing,” said Ted. “I had to learn a lot. I think when I got it right, they started behaving better.”

Ted learned to limit pasture time to keep Yin and Yang at a healthy weight. 

He learned that they needed an enriching environment and provided them with activities and a pasture full of natural stimulation.

“We gave them a little better of a life, and I think they finally got to the point that they felt safer,” said Ted. “Now they’re complete angles with the farrier and visitors love hugging on them.”

Ted was humble when we interviewed him, but he didn’t just give Yin and Yang a little better of a life– he gave them and many more animals a second chance at life.

Happily Ever After

Now, Yin, Yang, Ted, and the rest of Butterfly Field Farm Sanctuary are living their best life.

“Just today I was sitting out there and loving on Yin and Yang,” said Ted. “They have a special place in my heart because they’re the ones that kind of got us started.”

Yin and Yang now have the company of many more animals that were once on the verge of a tragic fate.

Now they’re living their best live among their farm family of sheep, cows, donkeys, goats, ducks, and a chicken that can’t walk.

We’d like to thank Ted, his family, and the kind community of animal lovers who made this journey possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help Butterfly Field Farm, check out their website.

Click here to Follow Ted and the rest of Butterfly Field Farm on Instagram!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Sally G. Pierce

Sunday 25th of July 2021

What a sweet story. Thanks to Ted and his family for starting the new sanctuary for all the wonderful animals and giving them a second chance in life.

Kate Kenner

Saturday 24th of July 2021

I think I read about this farm somewhere else. I would love to have a sanctuary but have not the money for land and no sense about money in general. I too thought it an understatement to say he made their lives a little better becasue he made them A LOT better.