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Tiny Dog Abandoned in Puerto Rico Mountains Devotes Life to Helping Other Foster Dogs

Tiny Dog Abandoned in Puerto Rico Mountains Devotes Life to Helping Other Foster Dogs

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When a woman lost her dog of 17 years, she couldn’t imagine there was anyone that could fix her broken heart.

Then she saw an abandoned dog located in Puerto Rico. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew she must meet this dog.

Keep reading to hear about one dog that uses his superpowers for good.

Losing a Friend

Stacey Bruce, a volunteer foster for Great Dog Rescue New England and one of their partners, OBRA, had recently lost her dog of 17 years.

She was absolutely heartbroken at the thought of life without him.

“He was my soul dog and I wasn’t anywhere near ready to adopt another dog,” explained Stacey.

Reluctantly, Stacey created a profile on PetFinder after encouragement from a friend – and that’s when she saw Momo.

He was a Shih Tzu, with just his prominent underbite peeking out from under his over-grown straggly hair.

“I just thought I would look and there was this one dog that just – I don’t know what it was about this dog, but I just connected with him. I needed this dog,” recalled Stacey.

Stacey was infatuated. She wanted to learn more about him and reached out.

That’s when Stacey learned of Momo’s heartbreaking past.

Lost and Afraid

Momo was happily living with his family in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria was spotted, heading directly toward the island.

Terrified of what was to come, residents were scrambling to evacuate.  

“Residents left all of their pets behind,” shared Stacey. “Just set them free, and Momo was one of them.”

Momo had been living in the mountains of Puerto Rico, but he was not doing well.

Momo was sick. He was infested with parasites, his hair was matted, and he had a bad eye infection.

OBRA took poor Momo in. They cleaned Momo up and got him feeling better, removing his damaged eye in the process.  

The day Stacey saw Momo online, he was still in Puerto Rico. But he wouldn’t be there for long. 

Face to Face With Forever

Momo was on a plane, en route to Logan International Airport in Boston.

Stacey was on her way to pick him up, nervous for her first in person meeting with Momo.  

“I was hesitant at first because all I knew was my other dog,” Stacey shared.

It only took one moment with Momo for all of Stacey’s fears to melt away.  

“It was an instant connection, an instant bond,” said Stacey. “It was as if he had been with us our entire lives.”

There was something special about Momo, something familiar. Stacey felt as if some part of her previous dog was there with her and Momo.

Momo even had some of the same quirks as Stacey’s previous dog.

Momo didn’t take any time to adjust to his new life. He fit right in and seemed to know exactly what his human family needed.

“He always senses when we’re anxious,” explained Stacey. “He comes and gets into our lap and he puts his paws up on our shoulders as if he’s hugging us, trying to calm us down.”

Momo had found his special superpower – helping others.

Helping Hands

Momo’s ability to help others doesn’t stop with humans.

“Momo’s the first one we introduce to other special needs dogs or fosters because he’s so mellow and welcoming,” explained Stacey. “He’s a perfect dog.”

Momo is great friend with his buddy Bear, a pup that Stacey also adopted from Puerto Rico.

Because of Momo’s super sweet abilities, he’s been dubbed ‘mayor of the house’, welcoming each new pup into their new foster home.

The Perfect Place

Momo’s powers include calming other dogs when they’re scared or anxious, or just being a friend when in need.

“Momo’s very into keeping us happy and making us laugh,” said Stacey.

Momo will always go the extra mile for smiles including wearing costumes and hats! He loves to dress up and strut his stuff.

“He has a purpose,” shared Stacey.   

That purpose included healing Stacey’s broken heart.

Happily Ever After

Momo continues to use his superpowers for good, welcoming new fosters and bringing joy to his family every single day.

When he’s not actively spreading cheer, Momo loves to chase his squeaky toys for hours on end.

Thank you, Stacey and all of Momo’s kind rescuers, for giving Momo as much joy and love as he gives to the rest of the world.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Janice Vincent I

Thursday 9th of June 2022

This little dog’s story matches my furbaby, Smokey, who had been with us from 8 months old until passing at 14 years old. I was heart broken & said I wasn’t going to get another fur baby but Smokey had other ideas. A few months after he passed I started looking at Pet Finder. One day, I saw this little Shih Tzu with the saddest eyes & I told my husband I believe Smokey lead me to this baby. I contacted the rescue center, completed an application & on my way to pick her up. When I first met her & looked into her eyes, I knew I had made the right choice thanks to my memories of Smokey & how he impacted my decision to get another Shih Tzu. From the time Ceely got in my car, she knew she was home with new family.

Laurel Gorard

Sunday 11th of July 2021

I am so happy that Momo had someone waiting for him upon his arrival at Logan. That was a long flight and he must have been scared and exhausted. Thank you to everyone involved in finding him a forever home. Looks like Momo will continue helping other dogs that are in need of comfort or a friend.