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Runt Kitten with Adorable Mustache Charms Her Way into Purrfect Home 

Runt Kitten with Adorable Mustache Charms Her Way into Purrfect Home 

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When a San Bernardino woman heard tiny little cries coming from under her deck, she immediately asked her daughter to check it out.

Her daughter rushed to the deck and located where the noise was coming from: a small wooden box they had left under the deck.

When she peered inside the box to see what was inside, she could hardly believe her eyes.

Little Friends in Need

Inside the box lay four soaking wet kittens!

“They were only about a day old,” shared Natalie Celeste, the daughter.

She immediately swept the kittens up and placed them in a dry, warm bed.

Natalie then began to brainstorm ways to reunite the kittens with their mother.

Being an active TNR volunteer in the area, Natalie had a pretty good idea who the mother was.

“We had this stray feral cat who would pop out babies every spring, but she was so small that she couldn’t trigger the traps,” Natalie said.

By placing the kittens in a kennel outside, Natalie was able to bring the mother in and bring the feline family one step closer to safety!

Safe and Sound

Now that they were under Natalie’s care, the kittens were able to get fed by their mama, and the mama was able to get her spay surgery.

As the mama recovered and the kittens grew, Natalie noticed one kitten had a very unique feature. 

“She has a mustache! I didn’t even notice that she has a mustache until she got bigger,” Natalie said. 

This black fur over her upper lip earned her the name “mostaccioli”.

But, her mustache wasn’t the only thing that distinguished her from her siblings.

“Mostaccioli ended up taking after her mom. She’s super tiny for her age,” Natalie shared. 

Because of Mostaccioli’s small size (and cute face), she became a favorite of Natalie’s and received a little extra food and attention to help her grow.

This extra attention worked wonders for Mostaccioli, and she made sure to show Natalie her gratitude. 

Soon enough, she caught up to her littermates and was ready to show off her amazing personality.

Tiny but Mighty

What Mustaccioli lacks in size she makes up in personality!

“She is the most rambunctious of the bunch… she’s super hyper as a cat,” Natalie shared. 

Mustaccioli’s confidence grew right along with her body.

She was no longer timid and fearful; she stood up for herself!

She grew bold, often pushing her brothers out of the way just to get more milk from their mom.

When Mostaccioli decided it was time to relax, she became a little snuggle bug who would cuddle with Natalie every chance she gets. 

Foster Failure

Natalie was planning on fostering all the kittens until they were ready for adoption, but Mostaccioli stole her heart. 

Mostaccioli was where she belonged all along! 

Natalie ended up making her a permanent part of the household.

These days, the mustachioed girl spends her time hanging out with Natalie’s other cat, Izanami.  

“She and Izanami are super bonded, always sleeping together, always snuggling,” Natalie shared.

Natalie has also started teaching Mostaccioli some tricks. 

“She’s super outgoing as a cat, so I wanted to see if I can teach her any tricks,” Natalie said. 

Sure enough, Mostaccioli has caught on and is loving learning new tricks.

Thanks to Natalie’s love and care, Mostaccioli will be living the good life from here on out!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Angela Destefanis

Wednesday 6th of July 2022

Aww, so happy for the kitties, being rescued, 💗

Kim Groom

Friday 25th of March 2022

He sure is cute. I have never seen cat with that big of a mustache.


Friday 25th of March 2022

Awesomely beautiful baby's

Alice Wells

Thursday 24th of March 2022

I have been following MUST for a while when I use to think she had to be a male kitty. She is precious and has a marvelous home.


Thursday 24th of March 2022

What an absolute beautiful, precious kitty! Love ❤️ her!