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Heartbroken One-Eyed Cat Spends Months in Shelter Before Someone Finally Sees Her True Beauty

Heartbroken One-Eyed Cat Spends Months in Shelter Before Someone Finally Sees Her True Beauty

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When volunteers of Mission Viejo Animal Shelter came across a stray cat, they were heartbroken by her condition. 

They could tell she had been wandering the streets of Orange County for some time.

She had lost an eye and was extremely emaciated.

Volunteers at the shelter could tell she was depressed and lonely.

They were prepared to do everything in their power to help the poor cat, but she would need something even more special to get her back on her feet.

New Lease on Life

As soon as the grey cat arrived at the shelter, her rescuers gave her a name, Ivy.

They then got to work on healing her poor little body.

After checking out her missing eye, they determined she had most likely lost it to a previous infection.

They gave her medicine to help with the parasites and made sure to give her fluids to help her get back on her four paws. 

Through it all, Ivy was such a good sport.

She didn’t complain once, and was clearly thankful for the help.

Despite having a good attitude, she was clearly still depressed.

She would just sit in her kennel all day and didn’t have much of an appetite.

They knew only a family could cure Ivy’s loneliness. 

Unfortunately, not many adopters were interested in adding her to their family.. 

Ivy was about to lose hope, but she didn’t know what fate had in store for her next.

To The Rescue

Four whole months into Ivy’s stay at the shelter, a woman named Dominique came across the cat’s profile online. 

“I was searching for a special needs adult cat, and she was actually the very first one that popped up on my search,” Dominique told Tail Talez. 

She was immediately interested in Ivy from her photo, so she decided to dig deeper into her profile. 

“I saw that she was super local, so I made a plan to go see her the very next day,” Dominique recalled. 

Little did she know that their meeting would change her and Ivy’s life forever.  

Love at First Sight

When Dominique arrived at the shelter the next day, she told the staff that she wanted to see Ivy. 

The shelter volunteers were immediately confused at her request and wondered if they were talking about the same cat.

“I was really adamant that Ivy was the only pet I wanted to go and see,” Dominique recalled. 

When the shelter staff realized Dominique was really talking about Ivy, they took her to a room to meet her. 

When Dominique and Ivy met, it was love at first sight.

“I called her name, and she ran straight up to me meowing, and she jumped on my lap and started crying,” Dominique shared. 

Dominique knew right then and there that she wouldn’t leave that shelter unless Ivy was with her.

“I looked at the volunteer in the room, and said ‘Give me the paperwork,’” Dominique said. 

She filled out the documents right away, and the shelter approved it on the spot.

Dominique went home that day happy, knowing that Ivy would finally have a family to care for her.

Home Sweet Home

The following day, Dominique picked Ivy up from the shelter and took her home. 

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the one-eyed cat to adjust to her new life. 

“As soon as she came into the house, she made herself right at home,” Dominique shared. 

She was naturally shocked to see how fast Ivy warmed up to her new environment. 

Unlike other newly adopted pets who were typically nervous on their first day home, Ivy was the complete opposite. 

It almost seemed like she had been living in Dominique’s house all her life. 

“She wasn’t nervous, and she didn’t hide. She was perfect right off the bat,” Dominique shared. 

Although Ivy did have some issues with depth perception due to her missing eye, it didn’t really affect her life that much. 

“She is totally unbothered,” Dominique said. 

These days, Ivy spends her time snuggling with fluffy blankets and chasing laser pointers. 

Life has never been so good to the sweet girl, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Dominique for giving Ivy the second chance she deserved.

Click here for even more perfect pictures of Ivy on Instagram!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Michael Freitas

Thursday 17th of March 2022

If Dominique didn't adopt Miss Ivy I would have driven to California to adopt her. I'm so very glad that Miss Ivy found the perfect Mom and Loving Home. God Bless both of You always


Thursday 17th of March 2022

Glad she found a loving home.Shes beautiful 😍

Alice Wells

Thursday 17th of March 2022

How these animals have all this strength and courage is amazing to me. They are special creatures. A person in Ivy's condition needing a home would need a team of professionals to get them straight.