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One-Eyed Kitten with Unique Face Runs Up Woman’s Driveway Meowing for Help

One-Eyed Kitten with Unique Face Runs Up Woman’s Driveway Meowing for Help

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When a Florida woman walked out on her driveway one day, she hardly expected what was about to happen.

A fluffy little white and gray kitten ran up her driveway, straight for her, and started meowing at her feet.

The kitten clearly had some abnormalities, and the woman wasn’t about to leave her helpless.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Helping Hand

Looking down at the little kitten who had just run up to her off the street, the woman could tell a few things weren’t normal.

The kitten only had one eye, one nostril, and seemed to have a cleft lip. 

Without hesitation, the woman scooped the little kitten up and brought her to safety inside.

She was worried about taking her to a shelter, so she decided to pick up her phone and start calling rescues until she found help for this little baby!

On the Road Again

Eventually, the woman got in touch with Liberation Cat House in Orlando.

They were more than happy to take in this little kitten, now named Bug.

So, Bug then went into the care of Ashley, a foster and board member of the rescue.

The first thing Ashley did was take Bug to the vet to figure out everything the little girl had going on.

She knew things weren’t going to be easy, but a trip to the vet was the first step on the road to recovery.

A Warrior’s Spirit

After a few different vet visits, Ashley had a good idea of everything Bug had going on.

Bug’s “missing” eye was actually there, it was just underdeveloped and closed behind her eyelid.

Her other eye also has impaired vision.

In addition to her eye trouble and cleft lip, Bug also has a heart murmur. 

Despite all of this, Bug seemed to be in good spirits at all times!

“I was amazed at how she’d survived so long. 6 weeks is a long time to survive as a stray kitten with her issues,” Ashley said.

Bug also had a few treatable complications that were quickly sorted out with antibiotics.

Now that Ashley had a better idea of how to meet Bug’s needs, they could really start having some fun!

Adventure Time

Bug proved to be a very curious girl, straight from the get go.

She wanted to explore every inch of Ashley’s home, like there was an adventure around every corner.

“She has never been a shy kitten,” Ashley shared. “She’s always been very curious, very playful, wanting to explore everywhere.”

Ashley was very happy to see that, despite her unique circumstances, Bug seemed to be just as playful and happy as any other kitten, maybe even moreso!

“She’s one of the most spirited kittens I’ve ever fostered,” Ashley said. “She’s so resilient.”

Ashley had already learned so much about Bug, but it turns out this girl had even more to share about herself!

Don’t Stop Me Now

The more Ashley spent time with Bug, the more she was surprised by her.

“She has really limited eyesight in her existing eye, which is hard to tell because she gets around so well,” Ashley shared.

Bug still bumps into things sometimes, but otherwise she seems to move around with no problems.

Her heart condition doesn’t seem to slow her down too much either.

She never seems to lack energy, even after she’s been playing hard for a while.

Bug will always need a little extra care and supervision.

But overall, she is a happy, independent girl.

Ashley knows that Bug will make someone so happy!

Looking Ahead

Bug won’t be put up for adoption until she gets her spay surgery, but she already has had a number of interested families!

However, Bug is a special girl and will need an equally special adopter.

Ashley is confident, though, that they will find the right person who can meet Bug’s needs just like she deserves.

Until then, Bug and Ashley will get to spend more time snuggling and playing together.

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