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Sick One-Eyed Runt Kitten Found with Siblings in Field Blossoms into Little Princess

Sick One-Eyed Runt Kitten Found with Siblings in Field Blossoms into Little Princess

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A woman and her brother were walking around their two-acre property in California one day when they came across a bundle of something they couldn’t believe.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that it was a group of three kittens! 

The woman and her brother were completely surprised at what they found.

They were confused how the kittens got there in the first place. 

“The field was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There were no houses near us,” the woman shared. 

Little did they know how much more amazing their lives would get in the following days.

Rushed to Safety

When they realized that the kittens were still very young, they started looking for the mama cat right away.

They looked and looked, but unfortunately she was nowhere to be found.

So, the siblings decided it was best to bring the little kittens inside their house instead. 

However, as they approached the group, the woman noticed something was clearly wrong with one of the kittens. 

A Saddening Discovery

When Jacky, the woman, got closer to the little angels, she realized that one of the three kittens looked odd compared to her littermates. 

“We noticed that she only had one eye, and the eye that she did have was pretty much sealed shut,” Jacky recalled. 

Aside from her missing eye, her mouth and nose looked a little different, too. 

She was also severely malnourished and was clearly the smallest among the litter. 

“She was very small and super super thin,” Jacky shared. 

Seeing how fragile she and her littermates were, Jacky and her brother were initially worried that they wouldn’t make it. 

But, they wouldn’t let that stop them. 

They brought the kittens home, planning to put everything they had into helping them survive.

They then named the one-eyed tabby Fiona and decided to make her and her littermates a part of their family. 

But, that was just the start of Fiona’s road to happily ever after. 

Showered With TLC

After taking the kittens in, Jacky and her brother brought Fiona to a vet to get proper medical attention. 

“We never cared for an animal in that condition before, so we took her to a vet,” Jacky recalled. 

There, they found out that Fiona was only around two weeks old, and the abnormalities with her mouth and nose were a congenital condition. 

She also had an infection in her eye. 

But thankfully, it wasn’t as serious as Jacky initially assumed. 

“The vet just gave her some eye drops… besides that, she was pretty much healthy,” Jacky shared. 

Once they came home from the vet visit, she and brother got to work on caring for the entire litter. 

However, they took extra care of Fiona since she was more fragile than her siblings.  

“The other two cats would eat normally, but we had to use a little bottle to feed Fiona because she wasn’t eating,” Jacky recalled. 

This went on for a few more days until Fiona started to really perk up.

Her true personality was about to shine.

Warming Up To The New Family

Once Fiona was finally strong enough to stand on her own four feet and eat by herself, she began to blossom into a cuddly and loving baby. 

“She was really trusting. She started cuddling with us,” Jacky recalled. 

Fiona also loved following her new human around and playing with her every chance she got. 

The best part was that the little kitten didn’t let her condition get in her way of living her best life. 

“She didn’t realize anything was wrong with her, and I love that about her,” Jacky said. 

With Fiona’s newfound confidence, it didn’t take long for her new family to fall in love with her. 

Living The Best Life

It has been three years since Fiona and her littermates were welcomed into Jacky’s family. 

The past three years have been nothing but pleasant for little Fiona. 

Fiona and her sister, Gabby, even joined the family when they moved from California to Texas.

These days, Fiona busies herself with running around the house and playing with her favorite plastic bottles. 

“We put them around the house, under carpets where she can see them, and she would go ahead and play with them for a good few minutes,” Jacky shared. 

When Fiona isn’t spending her energy on plastic bottles, she will be seen napping in random places or hanging out with the little kids. 

“She loves people… she’s very patient with little kids,” Jacky recalled. 

Fiona has really come so far. 

From the timid and fragile kitten she was in the California field, she has transformed into the queen of the house. 

We’re glad to see that even with her condition, Fiona still managed to blossom into her true self, all thanks to the love and care that Jacky and her family provided.

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