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Orphan Bottle Baby Kitten Determined to Live Happy Life After Found Hungry & Alone

Orphan Bottle Baby Kitten Determined to Live Happy Life After Found Hungry & Alone

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When a Hawaii man walked out on his porch one day, he was met by a sight he could not believe 

It was a newborn baby kitten – brought to him by his own cat.

Keep reading to find out what happened to this mysterious, yet adorable guest!

A Morning Surprise

An owner of a cat in Oahu, Hawaii was stunned when his cat brought something to his porch – a tiny newborn kitten she had found in the field.

It was late at night, too late to call on a professional for help.

“He kept the kitten alive by keeping it warm on his chest and trying to give her a little bit of goat’s milk,” Shaynne Gray, an independent rescuer, shared.

As soon as the sun had risen, Shaynne arrived at his doorstep, ready to help the tiny kitten.

Two Is Company

This kitten, later named Alãmea, was alone, without a mama or any siblings, or so they thought.

“He didn’t think this was his cat’s kitten,” said Shaynne. “But, it turned out that the next day it happened again!”

A second newborn kitten had shown up on the man’s porch, alongside his cat.

It was then that he realized these kittens were, in fact, his cat’s kittens!

“He thought his cat had been given to him fixed. He was completely unaware that his cat had been given to him without being spayed,” explained Shaynne.

Everyone wanted to do what was best for the two tiny kittens.

Because his cat was kept outside, and Alãmea was already getting cozy indoors, they thought it was best she stayed with Shaynne.

But, they didn’t want to separate the other kitten from mom.

They decided the second kitten would stay there, cared for by his mom.  

Sadly, even with its mom, the second kitten didn’t survive.

Shaynne was determined to make sure things went differently for Alãmea.

Hungry Girl

Little Alãmea was still with Shaynne, who was working hard to keep Alãmea healthy.

So young and fragile, the tiny kitten needed all the help she could get.

“Alãmea was less than 24 hours old when I got her,” recalled Shaynne. “52 grams worth of cuteness.”

Shaynne was working around the clock, feeding Alãmea as much as she would eat.

Alãmea may have been small, but she was a fighter. Shaynne’s hard work would pay off.

“She ate about every hour the first few days because she was super dehydrated,” recalled Shaynne. “I kept telling everybody, this is the first miracle bottle baby I’ve ever had and I just want her to live.”

Alãmea loved bottle time and would thank Shaynne with purrs after every meal.

Tiny but Mighty

“And then she flourished,” recalled Shaynne. “She was a single child that loved all of the attention.”

Alãmea was growing! Her little fighter personality was quickly growing into a big, wild personality.  

“She had a totally different personality from the teddy bear kitten that she was,” laughed Shaynne.

Not-so-little Alãmea began almost practically bouncing off walls.

Alãmea could be spotted climbing in the blinds or knocking paintings off the walls.

“She is just like a spring chicken. She is our wild child,” said Shaynne.

A wild child that will never have to live in the wild again.

But, there was still more to learn about Alãmea.

A Full Heart

Alãmea likes to keep her hunting skills sharp.

She can be spotted proudly carrying around her favorite toy mouse in her mouth, showing off her most recent catch.

Even when there is no one around to show off to, Alãmea will toss her toys around for hours, lost in her world of make believe.

Not only does she enjoy playing by herself, but she also plays well with others!

“She bonds with the other fosters,especially the kittens,” explained Shaynne. “She thinks one is her baby and the other is her best friend.”

Alãmea was the happiest kitten in the world.

Her life was full of toys, friends, and love.

Now, she just needed a forever home.  

Foster Failure

“I kept saying, I’m not going to keep her, I’m not going to keep her,” said Shaynne.

But, it was too late. After weeks of bottle feeding that saved Alãmea’s life, the two had a special bond.

“By the fourth week when I was bringing her out to get more socializing, my husband and I started looking up middle names and we just looked at each other and said ‘yep, we’re keeping her,” shared Shaynne.

Shaynne chose the full name Alãmea Kahea, meaning “precious nugget” in Hawaiian.

Shaynne and her husband struck gold the day they met their precious nugget.

Now at over a year old, Alãmea can look forward to a lifetime of love and attention from her forever family!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kim Groom

Tuesday 31st of August 2021

I am so glad that Alãmea Kahea is going good. I am glad she found a home with lots of loving she deserves. There are a lot of good people out there in this world. God bless!

Rob Thompson

Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Thank you to all who helped save Alamea!