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Orphaned Kitten Reunited With His Sister, He’ll Never Be Lonely Again

Orphaned Kitten Reunited With His Sister, He’ll Never Be Lonely Again

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When two stray kittens lost their mama, they were lost and afraid.

They were so young, they could hardly move around.

All they could do was meow and hope someone would come to help.

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

A Cry for Help

One January day in Aruba, a woman named Charissa was walking along the beach with her husband when they witnessed something they could not believe.

They heard little kitten cries coming from the bushes!

The couple immediately ran over to investigate, and to their surprise a little gray kitten came tumbling out of the brush.

“He was all by himself, just meowing,” Charissa said. “I think he was about a week old.”

They sprang into action and hustled him back home to get him food.

A Second Surprise

They put the kitten with a friend’s cat for the night so he wouldn’t be lonely or cold.

In the meantime, Charissa and her husband talked about what to do next.

“I went back to the same place the next day because I just had this feeling that I needed to go back,” Charissa said. “I just needed to go back.”

Charissa thought she might find the mama cat and be able to reunite the two, but she did not expect what she found instead.

A little calico kitten was meowing right where the gray kitten was the day before!

Silver Lining

Charissa took this kitten home to the other and could immediately tell the two were siblings.

While they were still very little, it was clear they recognized each other and were comforted.

Charissa then went to a nearby hotel to see if they knew anything about the mama cat.

Unfortunately, at the hotel she discovered the mama cat had recently passed away.

While it was so sad that these kittens had been orphaned, it was a stroke of luck that Charissa had found them before anything bad happened.

Now, they just needed to decide whether to keep them or find the babies a new home.

It Takes a Village

Charissa had already fallen in love with the two kittens and desperately wanted to keep them.

But, as a flight attendant, she feared she would be out of town too much to give the kittens what they needed.

“Then, out of the woodwork, so many of our local friends volunteered to take care of them if we were out of town,” Charissa shared.

There was only one more hurdle Charissa needed to cross: her husband.

One Happy Family

Before finding the kittens, Charissa’s husband had insisted he was “not a pet person”. 

“I knew this was a lie because he’s such a softy,” Charissa said. “And then he just fell in love with the cats instantly.” 

It was settled, they would keep the kittens!

To commemorate the new additions to their home, they named the kittens Sonny and Cher, after the singers of their favorite song.

They were so excited for what the future held for their new family!

Living the Dream

Sonny and Cher are now living the life in Charissa’s home.

“They are so spoiled,” Charissa said. 

Charissa makes sure they eat only the best, cooking them fresh salmon and chicken every day!

They even have their own bedroom with a king sized bed.

Sonny and Cher both love to play with their toys, especially the feather stick.

But, at the end of the day, their favorite thing is spending time with family.

Happily Ever After

Charissa was originally worried about taking in two cats, thinking she could only handle one.

However, keeping the siblings together turned out to be much easier than separating them because now they have each other as playmates!

This is often the case with cats in that adopting two together is easier and better for everyone involved.

“They are obsessed with each other,” Charissa said. “If they’re not near each other, they just fall apart.”

Cher has also developed a close bond with Charissa’s husband.

“Every night, she crawls in his arms and they fall asleep that way,” Charissa said. 

Charissa is so thankful she came across Sonny & Cher on that January day, and it seems like the kittens are happy about it too!

“I think it’s really special how things come into your life right when you need it,” Charissa said.

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