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Paralyzed Kitten Rescued From Streets, Convinces Foster Mom to Let Him Stay Forever

Paralyzed Kitten Rescued From Streets, Convinces Foster Mom to Let Him Stay Forever

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When rescuers found a kitten unable to move his back legs, they immediately knew they were going to need special help.

They thought he may have swimmer’s syndrome because his legs were splayed out and stretched back.

However, they weren’t sure and decided to reach out to a nearby rescue for help.

Keep reading to find out what fate had in store for this special little kitten!

A Little Friend in Need

The kitten’s rescuers reached out to a local cat rescue organization called Stray Cat Alliance

“They asked if we could take in this kitten with swimmer’s syndrome,” said Karen Luna of Stray Cat Alliance. “They knew we might be better equipped to handle the situation.”

Seeing the state the kitten was in, Stray Cat Alliance immediately agreed to take him under their care.

Karen then stepped up to be his foster mom and welcomed him into her home. 

The kitten was named Aquaman to commemorate his new lease on life!

Health Difficulties to Overcome

Once Aquaman was seen by a vet, they realized that he didn’t have swimmer’s syndrome. 

“We took him to our vet, and they determined that he was paralyzed from the waist down,” Karen said. “They confirmed that it was all congenital.” 

In addition to Aquaman’s congenital condition, the vets discovered several other health issues that he was suffering from.

“We later found out that he has Spina Bifida, which is where his spinal column is incomplete,” Karen shared. 

Things weren’t going to be easy for Aquaman, or Karen. 

But Karen could tell that Aquaman had a strong will to live, and she was prepared to nurture that with everything she had.

Showered with Special Treatment

Their first few days together were very tough for both of them. 

“In the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed,” Karen shared. “I never had a kitten with such special needs.”

Any kitten at Aquaman’s age would have required a lot of attention, regardless of any conditions they may have.

“I started fostering him in April when he was about four weeks old, so he was really in that critical stage,” Karen shared. 

Knowing this, Karen committed herself completely to being the best foster that Aquaman could have. 

He was such a fighter, he deserved someone who could match his determination.

She helped him adjust to wearing diapers and taught him how to move and eat on his own. 

Aquaman was growing stronger each day, but he still had more surprises in store.

Coming Out of the Shell

As Aquaman gained strength, he became more and more able to show Karen who he really was. 

“He was very sweet. He just wanted to be with people,” Karen recalled. 

Aquaman also formed a close relationship with Karen’s dog, Kiwi, and her other cat, Wednesday. 

“Meeting Wednesday and Kiwi really helped him gain his confidence, and he got a lot more playful and outgoing,” Karen said. 

All four of them were getting along so well, Karen began to wonder if maybe Aquaman was meant to be more than a foster kitten

Foster Failure

It didn’t take long for Karen to realize that Aquaman was already in his forever home; he was going to stay with her.

“He got along really well with my dog and my cat, and he just fit in so well to the family that I just ended up adopting him,” Karen shared. 

Aquaman had been through so much, Karen wanted to personally ensure that the rest of his days were filled with love and happiness.

With the adoption papers signed, Aquaman began to settle in to his official furever home!

Happily Ever After

Since then, Aquaman has been sharing all sorts of adventures with the family, from road trips to walks in the snow. 

“He always wants to be included in everything. He’s a really confident little kitten,” Karen said. 

When Aquaman isn’t out on adventures, he is typically playing with his spring toys or hanging out with Kiwi and Wednesday. 

Aquaman is the happiest he’s ever been, and his days will only continue to get better!

Thanks to Stray Cat Alliance, and fosters like Karen, cats like Aquaman are able to show us that every cat, no matter their background, can live a fulfilling life.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Rob M Thompson

Saturday 14th of May 2022

Live a fantastic life, Aquaman!

Diane Weir

Saturday 14th of May 2022

What a pretty cat, just adorable. His life is the only one he has known, so he will be fine.

Kim Groom

Friday 13th of May 2022

I am so glad that Aquaman is doing well. I know it has to be hard on him because of his condition, but he is with a loving family who loves and will take good care of him. Thank God, he found a good home to go to.

Fatima Delle Donne

Friday 13th of May 2022

Thank you to all that embraced Aquaman just the way he is. Thanks for the wonderful family for the love and support to him. As I, myself advocate for the cats with any kind of disabilities, I have a little suggestion for the wheelchair material: must be light and at the same time, giving the kitten mobility and comfort to move around. The one I saw Aquaman using, it is kind of heavy and large PVC pipes connection. It must be much lighter. Stay safe and blessings to Aquaman and his family.


Wednesday 13th of April 2022

This is a very touching story. Thanks be for people who are loving, willing and able to take on the responsibility of disabled animals, both shelters and individuals. Aquaman is in the right place.