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Special Needs Kitten Shows Up Just in Time to Help Woman Grieving Lost Loved One

Special Needs Kitten Shows Up Just in Time to Help Woman Grieving Lost Loved One

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When a Florida woman delivered an unexpected litter of kittens, she was hit with another surprise.

One of the kittens seemed to be struggling to walk.

She wasn’t at all prepared to help a special needs kitten, let alone a litter.

Keep reading to find out how she got help!

An Unexpected Litter

In the summer of 2021, a Florida woman named Lorraine was shocked to find her cat pregnant. 

It was completely unplanned, and she and her husband weren’t prepared to accommodate the unexpected litter. 

When the kittens arrived, they were even more surprised to find out that one of the babies, Quinn, clearly had special needs. 

Both of her back legs were twisted, making her unable to stand on all four paws.

Knowing that the kitten needed a more experienced caretaker, Lorraine decided to find Quinn a new home. 

Luckily for Quinn, the right fit was just around the corner.

Rehoming Quinn

Through the help of a friend, Lorraine was put in contact with a woman named Kat.

Having two special needs cats of her own already, Kat was well versed in the art of caretaking sweet babies like Quinn.

However, it wasn’t the best timing for Kat to be taking in another kitten.

“My mom had recently passed away unexpectedly, and the woman had called just days before I was supposed to help my dad move in with us from Texas,” Kat recalled. 

Kat was juggling so much, she didn’t know if she could give Quinn the care she deserved.

She was on the verge of saying no, that is until Lorraine told her something very interesting about Quinn…

Serendipitous Situation

“Quinn was born on my mother’s birthday, May 26th, and the mama cat’s name was my grandmother’s name. And I thought, ‘Oh my god, it was just meant to be,'” Kat shared. 

The coincidence was so crazy, it was like Kat’s late mother gave her Quinn as a gift from heaven.

Kat decided that it was fated for Quinn to join her family.

Just a few days later, Lorraine was on a flight to bring Quinn to her new home. 

Settling In

After settling into her new home, Quinn went to the vet to get a proper diagnosis of her condition. 

“They did X-rays, and it looks like she actually has some genetic malformations,” Kat shared.  “One of her ribs is a bit off, and then she has an issue with one of her vertebrae at the base of her tail.”

While Kat and her husband were saddened that Quinn’s condition couldn’t be completely healed, they were optimistic that Quinn would still live a great life.

They then committed themselves completely to meeting Quinn’s special needs.

Undergoing Treatment

Quinn will never walk like most other cats, but with the right help, she can improve her mobility.

At the advice of their vet, Kat and her husband embarked on a journey to treat Quinn’s condition. 

“My husband does physical therapy with her every day, and we recently started acupuncture with her,” Kat explained. 

Quinn also seems determined to improve her condition, and she makes progress every day!

“She’s actually using her hind legs to push up the stairs,” Kat shared. “I’m very optimistic that when she gets older, we may be able to use a cart, which might be a little bit more fun for her.”

Living the Good Life

Once Kat figured out what Quinn’s needs were, she introduced her to the rest of the family.

Quinn and her siblings, Boogie and Hawking, immediately got along like three peas in a pod.

“She gets along with the other cats so well,” Kat shared. “They love each other so much.”

Aside from hanging out with her siblings, Quinn spends her time playing with ping pong balls and eating the other cats’ leftover food. 

“Quinn likes to eat more than anything else,” Kat said. “It’s actually really funny.”

Quinn may be a little different than other cats, but she doesn’t ever let that stop her.

Kat knows the sweet little girl is so thankful to have found the perfect forever home where she will always belong.

Click here to see what Quinn and her siblings are up to every day on Instagram!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Alice Wells

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Quinn this regular kitty news was getting a bit boreing and thank goodness you showed up. We love those a little different kitties. Have a perfectly a little different life. All kitty love to you

Michael Freitas

Thursday 16th of June 2022

So glad to see that this Special Girl received a Loving Home and Family