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Kitten Born with Paralyzed Legs Beats The Odds and Pursues Modeling Career

Kitten Born with Paralyzed Legs Beats The Odds and Pursues Modeling Career

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When an Arizona woman saw pictures of an adorable Persian kitten, it was love at first sight.

This baby’s big, beautiful eyes and tiny button nose weren’t the only things that made her special.

She was was partially paralyzed and couldn’t walk.

Read on to learn how this special kitten never let her mobility issues stop her from becoming a model!


Love at First Sight

Boogie was born on March 19, 2018.

Shortly after, the person responsible for her litter noticed something different about her.

Because of a malformation in her spine, she was unable to move her back legs.

But that didn’t stop her from living life to the fullest! 

Her sweet face and charming personality were enough for one Arizona woman to fall in love instantly. 


Kat Magnusson had lost one of her beloved Persian cats after 15 years.

Devastated by this loss, Kat wanted to adopt another Persian kitten in her former cat’s honor.

“I wanted a Persian, but I wanted a special Persian,” Kat said. 

As fortune would have it, Boogie fit description perfectly!


After seeing a couple photos of Boogie, Kat was sold.

“My heart just melted,” Kat said. “I just knew it. I fell in love with her.” 

This sweet kitten had just landed a fur-ever family.

With Boogie being Kat’s first special needs cat, there were some challenges ahead.


Boogie Comes Home

Three days later, the princess arrived at her castle.

At 5 months old, Boogie was weighed roughly 2.5 pounds. She was mostly fluff!

Kat took Boogie to the vet for a CT scan and x-ray to find out if anything could be done about her back legs.

After running a few tests, the vet determined that surgery wouldn’t be a viable option for her because of her small size and breed. 


Because Boogie couldn’t walk, there were certain things that Kat needed to learn to do for her, like help her use the bathroom.

This was all new to Kat, but she learned quickly!

All Boogie needed was love and patience.

Kat was determined to help Boogie live her life to the fullest.

She poured over educational videos and joined Facebook groups specifically for owners of cats with mobility issues.


“Those really changed our lives because I realized how to take care of her,” Kat said. “It really wasn’t that much harder.” 

One thing that Kat tried early on was a cart for Boogie.

She thought this would help Boogie move around with more independence, but Boogie hated it!

She was much happier doing things the way she’d always done them.

“We ended up letting Boogie be Boogie,” Kat said. 


But Boogie’s special needs wasn’t the only challenge ahead of her.

The next step was seeing how Boogie would fit in with Kat’s other pets.

A Tenacious Spirit

It’s stressful enough introducing a new pet to your existing pets, much less introducing a special needs pet.

At first, Kat worried how Boogie would fit in with her new cat and dog fur-siblings.

However, Kat didn’t need to worry at all!


Boogie fit in with the rest of the crew as if she’d been there all along.

The resident pets made Boogie feel right at home, giving her a warm welcome as the newest member of their family.

“Boogie holds her own,” Kat said.

Nobody picks on her for having special needs and they all get along beautifully.

She loves to play and snuggle, especially with Kat’s 90-pound German Shepherd! 


She has a tenacious personality and she’s not afraid of anything, which is what Kat loves most about her. 

“She’s got a great spirit,” Kat said. 

When she’s not playing with her brothers and sisters, Boogie loves to spend time on her passion project: modeling

An Aspiring Model

Boogie spends most of her days sleeping away while her mom works from home. 

When she’s not napping, she loves to watch the birds or have a fun photoshoot with her mom.


Boogie loves to have her picture taken.

In fact, she’s become quite the model.

Boogie’s is determined to please her fans!

“She loves to be in the spotlight!” Kat said. 

Her online community loves to see her living her dream life.

She’s famous for her adorable bows and loving gaze.


She’s a fiend for snacks and has a special way of “reminding” her mom it’s mealtime!

When she knows that it’s time, she’ll start from across the room and stare at Kat.

If Kat doesn’t immediately get up, Boogie will inch closer and closer, gently reminding her what she wants.

After snack time, she retires for cuddles and TV time with mom.


“She’s really a mama’s girl,” Kat said. 

As for her legs, Boogie isn’t letting her mobility issues stand in the way of her loving her life!

She’s living the dream, which is exactly what Kat always wanted for her.

Despite not being able to walk, she’s perfectly happy and healthy.

Nothing can slow her down!


“Animals can have very fulfilling, rich lives despite their special needs,” Kat said. 

We’re thankful for kind-hearted individuals like Kat who are committed to giving special animals like Boogie a chance to thrive.

Thanks to Kat, Boogie is taking the world by storm.


Be sure to follow Boogie on Instagram and witness her adorable photoshoots!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Kim Groom

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

I think Boogie is a cute kitten and I am glad that she found a home where she can be taken care of, just like her new siblings. She is a special kitten even if she is disabled. I hope she has a good life forever.

Kate Kenner

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

She is indeed beautiful and it is wonderful the woman could see past her disability . it is time that breeders stop breeding cats to have such flat noses though (as well as dogs. It is not good for them.