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Meet Kahlua Blue! He is a six-year-old lynx point rescue cat with some serious luck and patience.

His life may not have always been great, but it sure is now!

His human mama, Mary, tells us all about it in her own words below.

Lost and Found

I met Kahlua Blue on a cold November night outside of a funeral home. 

My uncle had just passed away. 

There was this little cat trying to get into the building. 

He was pawing on the door and I could tell his little feet were very sore. 

I told him if he would wait, I would not be very long. 

He sat there like a perfect statue. 

You all know the ones that resemble the Egyptian goddess Bast. 

To a Good Home

I came out and there he was just waiting for me. 

I took him home and cleaned him up, fed him and gave him some water. 

I tried to find his owner, but nobody claimed him. 

I decided to keep him after looking for six months. 

Now he is all mine. That was six years ago.

I gave him the name Kahlua Blue because of his coat and eye color. 

He has that Siamese look to him. He is a lynx point with seal coloring.

Happily Ever After

Kahlua Blue loves to go for walks on his leash, play with my other cats, and sleep with his momma.

He eats treats and talks up a storm in English!

He is like a parrot and will repeat many things he hears. 

His favorite words are “I want out’ “yeah now”, ” where are you”, “oh no”, “don’t know”, “Kay” and more.

Kahlua Blue and his family live in central Pennsylvania.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

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