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Meet Mayonnaise! Mayonnaise is an 8-year-old lab mix with the wisest eyes you’ve ever seen.

He’s a real dog’s dog who’s ready to take any puppy under his wing and show them the ropes.

His human dad, Jonathan, tells us all about him in his own words below.

How Did Mayonnaise Enter Your Life?

My girlfriend at the time wanted a dog, so we went to the shelter. 

Initially, I wasn’t really on board with the idea, so she said she’d let me name the dog if I agreed to adopt one.

We walked in and saw this hunk of a lab mix, and she fell in love with him.

I felt pretty indifferent at the time, but named him Mayonnaise because I liked the sound of it.

I eventually warmed up to him, but it took a while.

When Did You Fall for Mayonnaise?

I had been butting heads with him about trying to keep him out of the bed, until one stormy night.

I found out he was afraid of thunder when he crept into our room in the middle of the night and slunk onto the bed, shaking a little bit.

Obviously, my cold heart melted and he’s allowed in the bed now.

By the time me and my girlfriend split up, I was firmly attached to the dog.

We had adopted another dog by then, so I kept Mayonnaise and she kept the other one.

Humble Beginnings

We think Mayonnaise was a stray for a long time before he ended up at the rescue.

He definitely lived in a home at some point, because he was house trained.

But, it was very clear he had lived on his own for a long time out in the wild with other dogs.

A bunch of my friends have gotten puppies since I adopted Mayonnaise, and he’s been like a father figure to all of them.

He’s quick to correct the puppies’ behavior, but is always very loving and affectionate with them.

Mayonnaise isn’t strictly business though.

He loves to run and play, and can keep up with the puppies surprisingly well despite his age.

What Are His Favorite Things?

Mayonnaise loves giant stuffed animals, or really anything plush.

He’ll carry them around the house, snuggle them, and shake them around.

He’s really just a big time snuggler overall.

While he definitely keeps the younger dogs in line, they’ve also rubbed off on him a bit.

I’ve noticed he’s started acting a bit like a puppy again, whining for attention and trying to get away with mischief he sees the puppies get away with.

He cracks me up the way that one moment, he’ll seem like the wisest dog you’ve ever seen, and the next, he’s rolling on the ground like a big baby.

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.

Suzanne I Rose

Saturday 1st of October 2022

I'm glad you decided to keep the wise Lab mix ☺️ He definitely sounds like a keeper 🙂

Kay Heckathorn

Saturday 10th of September 2022

Awesome Dog ❤️🦋

Angela Destefanis

Friday 6th of May 2022

Mayonnaise, is so blessed to have a family, and so glad you gave him a home. Shame it didn't work out with girlfriend, hope she visits MAYONNAISE, from time to time?, If that is possible.