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Meet Roary! He’s a 5-year-old pittie prince with a true love for life.

Humans treated him horribly in the past, but he’s now found the perfect place to call home.

His human mama, Jauna, tells us all about it in the story below.

Abandoned and Alone

Roary was found tied up in a kitchen. 

His people abandoned him, tied him up, and left him there. 

He was emaciated and dehydrated when some sweet people found him. 

My daughter fostered him, got him healthy, and then he came to live with us!

What’s Roary’s Personality Like?

Roary is a big, goofy land hippo, all 100 pounds of him! 

Everybody he sees is his new best friend, and he gets to wiggling that hippo butt.

Just try to stay away from that tail because it feels like a whip when he’s super happy and wiggly. 

His favorite people though, are the little ones.

I loved Rory Calhoun, and I love the name Rory. 

Roary is one of those talkative type pit bulls, so I named him Roary Calhound.

Happily Ever After

Roary has taught us all that sometimes life can be mean, and sometimes life is really hard. 

But, if you live in the moment, let that bad go, you’ll have so many little joyous moments just wondering at the world around you.

Roary is a reminder that the bad will slip away.

Roary is a pure hearted soul and testament to resilience. We are lucky to have him!

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Sharing is caring! Spread the love by spreading the word.